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Pursuits Competition

Week 17 (that’s 4th August, not the coming Wednesday) will see our annual pursuits competition.


  • Entry will be by pre-sign up only, but it is free.
  • The competition is open to Senior riders and any youth riding in the senior categories only.
  • Eligible youth may use any equipment as is valid for their category according to current BC regulations.
  • It is not open to youth minor or major riders.
  • Entries will close on the TUESDAY before at 6pm.
  • Up to the closing you will be able to change your mind and remove your name from the entry list yourself using RiderHQ.
  • After the closing time you are committed and are not eligible for the non-pursuit races.
  • Click here to enter.


  • Entry limited to 16 riders (4 heats).
  • Once full a “waiting list” of 8 riders will be available on RiderHQ to fill gaps of people who drop out.
  • If there are only 8 riders or less we will not run qualifiers and final placings will be decided on times alone.
  • Championship placings are from 1st down to 9th. 9th place will be fastest non-qualifier.
  • Entrants for the pursuit may NOT race in the non-pursuiter races regardless of qualifying status.

Do please note the “non pursuit” races in the calendar. Even if you are eliminated you cannot ride these races. If you fail to qualify it could be a long wait.


We will also require more volunteers than usual. There is a separate spreadsheet here so please sign up yourself or get someone who can help to sign up.

If we can’t fill the spots we can’t go ahead, as we will not have time to run heats with less than 4 riders. We might be able to run it with the riders themselves filling a couple of roles but this depends on numbers (you would basically need a full 16) and everyone would have to accept that other riders were in fact responsible for recording their time.

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Volunteer Shout:Track+Circuits

We are looking at almost blank spreadsheets this week for both track this Wednesday and our last circuit race this Friday.

Many usual volunteers are away this week which is why we need people outside of these regulars to step up more often, so that the jobs other than marshalling can be given to more than just one person.

Remember, no volunteers = no racing.

  • To put your name down for track on Wednesday click here. Please note that we now ask for some marshals from 6pm when we lock up the track for the safety of riders during warm up.
  • To put your name down for circuits on Friday click here.
  • If you cannot access or use the spreadsheets in the link, please email letting us know your name, contact number, times you can cover , and if there is any role that you will particularly not do.

Your co-operation, as always, is appreciated.

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Racing Cancelled: Week #13

The results of our poll put each senior category at less than 10 riders, and the youth categories at just three each. This leaves the league in a loss making position (though that is not the only consideration it is an important one). With the volunteer positions being a bit stretched as well we have decided that we shall cancel this week and look forward to the Devil Championships next week.

So either enjoy the match(es), or go enjoy the empty roads for a couple of hours.

See you next week.