Volunteer Shout

Still need some spaces filling for tonight at track league, as well as a couple for Fridays circuits.

To put your name down for tonight click here.

To put your name down for Friday click here.

Your co-operation, as always, is appreciated.


Sprint Competition: Track League Week #11

If you are a registered member of the league you should have received an email from RiderHQ detailing the sprint competitions along with a link to enter (for free).

If you did not see it, please check your spam/junk folders, and be sure to add and to your whitelist.

If you still can’t find it, the content is below.

Sprint Champs

Putting the disappointment, yet again, of a wet Wednesday behind us we can look forward to our sprint championships.

These run slightly differently to the other championships, in that, for the senior categories it is an “opt-in” championship.  This means you must sign up separately to compete.  Entries are free.  Heats are decided by a timed 200M sprint qualifier.  Heats are then run down to semi-finals, then lower finals and then upper finals (depending on entrant numbers).

Youth minor and major will have their own sprint champs but will proceed directly to seeded heats, rather than a 200M qualifier.  they do not need to enter online, all youth will be included automatically.

If you don’t fancy it, the schedule (click here) has races in it specifically for non-sprint champs entrants, so there won’t be a points imbalance if you do not enter.

Seniors should sign up here:

Entries close 6pm on Tuesday.


Racing Cancelled: Week #10

With 80% rain chance at 6pm and 90% at 7pm and further rain later on lets save a wasted journey yet again this season.

Sprint champs next week. the sun always shines on those ….


Weather Watch: Week #10

As you may or may not have seen, the forecast has worsened significantly in the last few hours. Heavy rain is predicted about 6 or 7pm with around 80% certainty.

We are however, eternally hopeful, so will not be cancelling at this time.

Please be aware though, if you travel and it pours down, racing is not likely to restart.

As usual, no shows or cancellations will have their entry moved to the next week by default.

Fingers crossed.



Almost empty in the spreadsheets for this Wednesday. Please put your name down.

  • Gate Marshal
  • Pavilion Marshal
  • Second Line Judge
  • Backup Persons

On that subject, please can marshals get there as close to 6 as possible. They need to go out once we lock the gates really, otherwise people have a habit of jumping the fence back in.

Also, there are a couple of gaps on Fridays races which we could do with filing please.



Track League Week #9

First things first …

Volunteers. There are a couple of spots still to fill, as well as needing backup names, so as usual please go fill in the volunteer spreadsheet here and/or email

The Racing …

With the promise of some really nice weather, I’m sure we are all looking forward to week #9 and Week E in our schedule, taking us to our halfway point through the season.

It’s been a difficult start what with the weather having been so poor, and so many almost-but-not-quite evenings where the track was left just that little bit too damp to race, but we should finally be able to get into the swing of things.

So week #9 is on the way, and careful gear selection will be important as it see’s the first time we are trialling longer endurance races for the senior categories.

With 12 laps for the C’s, a 10K (18 laps) race for the B’s and a whopping 10 miles (that’s 27 laps) for the A’s we will see if the usual pecking order is shaken up by the demands of a longer stint in the saddle.

So wait no longer, get your entry in here before it’s too late!


Circuits #3: Volunteers and OTD Entries

Volunteers Required

We still need to fill a couple of spots for tomorrow otherwise proceeding may be difficult.

  • Sign On (only up until about 8pm)
  • Gear Checking (only up until about 8pm)
  • iPad operator (until the last race is over).
  • Backups (yes, sometimes people get stuck on trains etc. so if one or two people can be there “just in case” that’s always good)

Volunteers can be given some advice on these roles on the day, none of them is “too” complicated, or they could potentially even swap with someone else if you feel it is too much for them.

Remember it can be done by anyone, bring a friend, Mum, Dad etc.

Please add your name to the spreadsheet here, or email

Spaces available

There are two spaces left in the mixed category 4 race. On the day entry is £18, card payments only.

There are twelve spaces left in the Womens Category 2/3/4 race. On the day entry is £15, card payments only.

There are now six spaces left in the 2/3. Five of these are first-refusal to the (now closed) online waiting list riders. On the day entry is £18, card payment only.

If you wish to turn up and enter/register on the wait list on-the-day then please do so. We cannot guarantee you will get a ride however.

Sign-on opens one hour before each race time and closes ten minutes before. Any “no shows” are then given to the wait list, in first-come-first-served order.

As a reminder the race times are:

  • Mixed Category 4 (40 minutes) : 18:10
  • Womens Category 2/3/4 (40 minutes) : 19:00
  • Mixed 2/3 (50 minutes) : 19:50

Looks like we are good to go….

For tonight at lest. There are still a couple of jobs need covering for Friday, but more about that later.

We will be thinking about how the volunteer situation always pans out and some measures to ensure less stress and aggravation for those of us organizing which we will communicate shortly.


Sunshine != Racing

I’ll put that in words “SUNSHINE DOES NOT EQUAL RACING”. Sure it’s not raining rain but is also not raining VOLUNTEERS. Without enough volunteers there won’t be any racing tonight, and the same applies to the circuit races on Friday, period. If you can help out the please go to our volunteering page and put your name down on the spreadsheet (or you can email but easier for us if you do the spreadsheet). If you are racing then give a shout out to your family, friends, club mates and even your neighbours. We are not fussy.

And lets not have this conversation again next week. We need help every week, don’t leave it to the same few each time. Bookmark the volunteering page.



Wednesday #8 Volunteers: Last Call

Still too many gaps on tomorrows volunteer spreadsheet.

3 x Marshals required + 1 extra for the last 8:30 stint
1 x Judge
1 x Gear Checker (as it’s a champs week)
1 x iPad Operator

None of these need any special training.

Judging is a bit of an acquired skill, but if you don’t try you don’t learn it.

No marshals, no race.
No gear check, no youth champs.
No second judge/iPad, no complaints.

Click here to edit the spreadsheet, or email your name, contact number and slot you are willing to fill to