A lot of the same questions come up each season from prospective new racers, so we have put together a short FAQ to try and make some of the more confusing aspects in regards to “how it works” a bit clearer and easier to digest.

What membership/licence requirements are there to race?

The table below shows the combinations of licencing and registration required for each of our current races.

We accept full and provisional licences at all our events. If you only hold a provisional licence, or are not a British cycling member, you will need to pay for a day licence.

See the British Cycling Day Licences page here to see how much your day licence will cost you.

If the cost is “free” you will still need to fill out the paperwork at the event for a day licence.

If you are a Fan or Commute level British Cycling member, you will pay the rate in the “Ride members and non-members” column.

EventTrack Accreditation RequiredLeague Registration RequiredEvent Day Licence Classification
Wednesday Track LeagueYesYesTrack League Meetings
Friday Vets/Womens Track SeriesYesNoTrack League Meetings
Friday Circuit SeriesNoNoRoad Regional A/B/C+
Sunday Winter Circuit SeriesNoNoRoad Regional A/B/C+

What does it cost?

Wednesday Track League

For a breakdown of costs relating to the Wednesday track league see the fees page.

Friday/Sunday Circuit Races

These races are entered either online at the British Cycling website  or you can pay on the day.  The fees are displayed against the event on the British Cycling Website.

Click here to see our circuit racing calendar.

Friday Vets/Womens Track Series

Fees for the Friday Vets and Womens racing are the same as for Wednesdays, with the exception that there is no registration fee.

What are the different track racing categories?

Senior A

As it’s always been, this is for the most able senior riders in the SCRL ranks, competing to be the Sussex Champion for the year.

This category is also open to any Youth A riders who, in the committee’s opinion, are capable of this level of racing.

Senior B

For those riders who want a good level of racing, but feel that the Senior A is currently a step too high.

These riders may be new to racing track, stepping down from the level of commitment implied by racing in the A group or, wishing to further develop their skills or fitness prior to taking on the faster riders of the A league.  

This league is electively open to Youth B and Youth A riders.

Senior C

Aimed at offering greater competitive opportunities for riders who may previously have been reticent at having to race against both Senior B and Senior A in combined races.

These riders may be either new or returning to the sport and wish to build fitness against riders of an equivalent level. We intend that this will give a greater number of women a more appealing opportunity to race track.

This category will on occasion be combined into a B/C race, depending on numbers on the night.

Youth Major

U14 and 2nd Year U12 riders. This combines the age categories with a single champion crowned at the end of the year. By splitting second year U12’s, it will help to push the young riders in more competitive racing.

Youth Minor

First year U12/U10. For our youngest riders, this league offers a testing competition on fixed wheel bikes for first year under 12’s and younger riders.

I don’t think I’m in the right category

All these categories are elective, though the Committee has oversight on eligibility to race in a given group and reserves the right to direct riders to the group they consider most suitable for the league. If you do not feel our guidelines meet your racing and enjoyment needs then you should contact the Committee to discuss what might be done.

Are disc brakes allowed in the circuit (freewheel bike) races?

Yes.  As per recent BC rule changes disc brake bikes are permitted.