Racing Track League

It’s Ladies Night!

Next week sees the first of our Ladies Night racing nights, featuring individual Women’s races all through the evening.

Not only that, but the first women only race, the scratch, will be a Regional C+ race meaning that all riders are eligible for licence points! You need ten riders to get maximum points so it’s time to cajole your fellow racers into entering!


All senior female league riders of any senior category, and any youth already riding up in senior categories can ride in the women only races.


The remaining categories will be merged on the night to make room in the schedule, most likely by merging A and B groups, but it may depend on numbers in each category on the night.

All points scored in the Women only races will count towards your registered league category totals (so if you are registered as a Senior C racer, your points will be added to your Senior C total).

A/B or B/C races are treated as one race, points are awarded for top six finishers in the race only regardless of category.

No special entry required, just enter on RiderHQ in your usual category as normal.


Week #3 – May 3rd!


Another week completed!

Last night’s SCRL Track league was a great night for everyone involved. The atmosphere was electric, and the racers truly gave it their all, making it a night to remember.

Firstly, it was a great night of racing. The competition was fierce, and all the racers put in an incredible performance, displaying their skills and determination. The energy in the velodrome was amazing, with cheers and applause ringing out every time a cyclist crossed the finish line.

One of the standout moments of the night was seeing the youth As step up and compete alongside the senior As. It was clear that they were not out of their depth and that they had been working hard to get to this point. It was inspiring to see the younger riders holding their own against the more experienced competitors.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the dedication and hard work of our volunteers. They gave up their time and energy to ensure that the event ran smoothly, and we can’t thank them enough.

Finally, for anyone who wants to join in on the action, we can put on an accreditation for you. All you need to do is message us on Facebook, and once we have enough interest, we can run a session for you. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to give track cycling a go and experience the thrill of racing on the velodrome.

In conclusion, last night’s SCRL Track league was an incredible event, showcasing the best of what track cycling has to offer. It was a night of intense competition, inspiring performances, and an amazing atmosphere. We can’t wait for the next one!


Week 3 – Track League

On to week 3 (as we missed week 1).

Couple things to remember,

  • Start time for races will be 18:30 sharp so get signed on early.
  • All youth A majors will now be racing Senior A so you’ll all need to get new numbers. *Please bring you old numbers
  • Dont forget to get enter on via RiderHQ by 15:00 today
  • First senior A race will be a Regional C+, so you will be eligible for BC points.
  • If you haven’t volunteered yet, please bare in mind this season we require each rider to do at least 1 evening volunteering. This is a community run league and we all need to chip in to keep it running
Racing Track League

Exciting League News

Due to changes in British Cycling track regulations, Senior and Junior riders can now earn licence points every week at track league!

The previous rule allowed an award of points once a year for final track league standings.

The rule now states:

T5.3.1. The following shall qualify for Licence Points:

T5.3.1.2. for all weekday ranking Track and Track
Leagues Events, one race per group of riders
specified to entrants in advance;

T5.3.5. Where there are fewer than ten rider entries for
a Track Event, the Licence Points awarded shall
be limited to three points for first place, two
points for second place and one point for third
place. Such points shall be multiplied by two for
British National Series and by three for British
National Championships.

This means that we can offer senior and junior riders the chance to earn Regional C+ points in the following manner:

Youth riders: it is unclear whether youth riders allowed to ride in the senior categories will be eligible for licence points. We are currently enquiring with British Cycling about this. For now you should presume you cannot earn licence points. You will still be allowed to race for league points.

We will have one regional C+ race per week, as per the regulations, and this will be the first Senior A race of the evening. Other category riders may join under the following conditions:

  • Priority is given to Senior A riders (of all age groups).
  • Eligible riders (currently seniors and juniors only) from the B and C categories may join this race with space pending.
  • Priority will be given to B and C riders with full race licences.

At the event, Senior A riders should just line up for the race as usual. There will then be a call for any senior B or C riders who wish to ride to fill any spaces.

Nothing special will need to happen for you to enter, your normal track league entry covers this and you just race as normal, except now with added points!

Racing Track League Volunteers

One Week To Go

Well, in truth, turns out it was supposed to be today. Bit of a hiccup on that front. Still, it’s not like we’d have been racing today anyway, so the way I look at it, we beat the weather for once!

So track league starts next week, April 19th.

The calendar has been updated. We are just finalising what we want the first couple of weeks to look like schedule wise, but those will be available soon.

Please note that for the first two weeks (three if you count this week) we will be starting the first race at 6:30 as opposed to 6:45 to try and get more racing in on the days with short daylight. These are noted on the calendar as such.

What’s New?

There are a couple of new things to be aware of this year

Ladies Night!

The first Wednesday of every month will feature ladies only races. This will also be open to eligible female youth riders. To make room in the schedule either C and B or B and A riders will ride together for the night. We will try to alternate this, but ultimately numbers on the night will dictate what happens.


We remind you that all registered senior members must do one complete evening of volunteering.

You can reach the volunteering sign up pages from here.

When you volunteer, remember to sign in on the officials sign in form, available at the sign on hut. If you do not sign, you will not get credited!

The promoter may take the decision to cancel if not enough volunteers have signed up for the week.

The committee took the decision on event cancellations to work the same for volunteering as it does for refunds. That is, if you sign up to volunteer but it is cancelled before racing starts, you must still fulfil your volunteer requirement at another time. If racing has started but is later cancelled, you are considered to have fulfilled your commitment (lucky you).


Registration has been open for a couple of weeks, and of course you must register before you can race. You must also register by 6pm on the Monday before you intend to race so we can approve your membership, otherwise you will not be able to enter.

Click here to go to the registration page.

Race Entry

Race entry is now open for week #1. Those that have registered and paid can enter by clicking here.

Racing Track League Volunteers

Track League: Registration Open


Track League starts again April 19th. You will need to register first and you can only do that online here.

You no longer need to send us your BC membership/licence details (if you have any). These will be checked in person when you sign-in at your first event.

The schedule will be uploaded soon, but first two weeks will be quite short due to daylight, so we are planning to start the racing at 6:30 rather than 6:45.

We also need a full set of volunteers. This year sees us start the requirement of each (senior) league member doing one weeks volunteering. This can be in any of the roles listed on the volunteer sheet. We have the first four weeks available, and more will be added as the season progresses here on our volunteering page.