What is accreditation?

In order to race in the track league (not the circuit races) ALL riders need to be accredited.

There are three methods for accreditation:

  • Any rider who has raced previously at Preston Park on fixed wheel is automatically accredited.
  • If a rider can demonstrate to the league officials that they have experience of racing track on fixed wheel at another velodrome. Specifically
    • A UKIVA certification. This must be present on your BC membership card and shown at registration OR
    • An accreditation from another outdoor velodrome, for example, Herne Hill. We will need to see the accreditation card at registration. If you are unsure, please contact us beforehand OR
    • Proof of previous race results in track bunch races. E.g. show results on your BC online profile. If you are unsure, please contact us beforehand.
  • By attending the SCRL accreditation sessions where a rider will be assessed and accreditation given. At these sessions guidance will be given. Accreditation will normally be over two sessions.

What is the aim of accreditation?

The aim of the accreditation process is to ensure the safety of the rider and others taking part in the races.

You can read more about the criteria in this document.

All riders should be aware of these fundamentals and ensure that they adhere to them when racing.

The league retains the right to request any rider racing in the league to cease racing and retake their accreditation if they are judged to be a danger to themselves or other riders.

How long does it take?

Accreditation is usually over two evening sessions, one per week. There may also be longer sessions early in the year where you can be accredited in one session.

Can I borrow a bike?

There are a small number of bikes available for any rider without their own on a first come first served basis for a small fee.

When are the accreditation sessions?

They are usually on a Wednesday or Friday evening a couple of weeks or so before the league starts. Sometimes there are longer sessions on a weekend to be accredited in one sessions. Look out on the news feed for announcements.

Is there a cost for accreditation?

Yes. There is a small fee for the session, plus another additional charge if you need to hire a bike. See the fees page.

PPYCC and VC Jubilee riders

For PPYCC and VC Jubilee riders there will be an accreditation session during the normal PPYCC session. Contact PPYCC for details.