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Friday: Riders Required (and other stuff)

Friday Riders Required

It’s the last of our accreditation sessions this Friday (April 29th) and we need to get some regulars to turn up to increase the bunch size.

It’s a free session, from 6 to 8ish (track booked to 9) so if you haven’t managed to swing a leg over a fixed gear yet, get down there and give yourself some track time. No sign up required.

Sign On

From next week riders must return to manually signing on in the hut, whether pre-entered or entering on the day. Your co-operation is appreciated.

Race Day Staff (again)

Radio silence on volunteers for race day staff for the summer series, so this is a last call. If we don’t get some in a couple of weeks the summer series will be called off. Read the original post here. Note that this may well apply to track league too next year, so have a good think about it. If every adult involved was capable of being an organiser/sign on volunteer, probably only about half of them would have to do it once a year …..


Race Day Staff Required

Summary: There will be NO Summer Circuit Series if people do not volunteer to run them and the races will not be registered with BC until we do.

The league need more folk on race day to take over duties from the same people always filling the roles.

Currently, there will be no Summer Circuit Series if we don’t get some volunteers for the two primary race day roles.

Below are the roles we need to fill and roughly what they entail. These are roles which have been advertised before with no response so it has now come to this situation.

These are all on the day roles and should not require any extra commitment outside of that. All back-office “paperwork” can currently be taken care of by committee members.

Anyone volunteering to fill these positions will have at least one “hand holding” race meeting with the experienced committee members present before being expected to perform the duty alone. No previous experience is necessary.

If you would like to contribute to the running of SCRL, please send us an email to or


This is essentially the promoter “on the day”. It allows a promoter to pass on the running of the event on the day to another person. This person must be a BC member and have done the event organiser dashboard training. This is a course which can be delivered online at a convenient time, probably a weekday evening, over Zoom or similar video conferencing. It takes about 90 minutes.

The basic duties are:

  • Print and bring any paperwork required as provided by the promoter the day prior.
  • Perform a preliminary track walk to check the condition and safety of the track. Organise cleaning if necessary.
  • Clear the arena of the general public and lock the gates.
  • Make sure all marshal points necessary by the risk assessment are manned and all other volunteers are present (sign on, judges etc.).
  • Liaise between the other event personnel (i.e. sign on, judges, commissaire(s)) and ensure everyone is looked after.
  • Collect all results and forward to promoter.
  • Sign off event paperwork (usually just levies).

Sign On

The basic responsibilities of this role are:

  • Print the sign-on sheets and any other paperwork provided by the committee the day prior.
  • Verify licence details at sign on
  • Take card payments using the provided card reader for on the day entries
  • Manage a waiting list, if there is one
  • Give out and collect race numbers
News Racing Track League Volunteers

Almost there …

It’s nearly time. Weather looks good. We’re all set! Just a few notes prior to the big day.

Mixed Racing

As numbers are so low for the first week (Easter Holidays?) we are going to merge the Senior A and B riders (and possibly C) and have the second part of Fridays cancelled accreditation running concurrently. Accreditation riders will use the track in the gaps opened up by merging the senior races.

Some of them will have completed their accreditation that evening so we might even get to bring them in for a race or two!

Race Numbers

As usual you can pick up your numbers when you get there. These are still being tweaked so we can’t advise of which number you are until tomorrow.

Speaking of which, we have a LOT of missing race numbers. If you still have last years please bring it back or contact to return it by mail if you are not intending to race.

If we keep having to replace numbers, it costs us money, reduces any profit we might make, and brings us closer to considering things like doubling the registration fees as a form of deposit.


There are still quite a few that have registered but have not sent us the required proof of membership/race licence as per the accreditation page. We are now way past the official cut off point, but if you get it sent in you might get lucky and I’ll approve it prior to the week #1 entry cut off time (3pm on race day).


Calendar and Schedule

If you take a look at the calendar page, you will see that this years schedule is much simplified. We have just two week variations, Week A and Week B, and the running order is always youth minor, major, seniors C, B and A. Each week has a “slot” for one feature race which we will vary each week. To allow us a bit more flexibility, we will also be only publishing weekly schedules about four weeks in advance.

This makes things much easier to run on a week-by-week basis and ensures that everyone (youth especially) get more practice at the races which will almost always feature in other competitions.


As usual, if anyone knows they will be there to marshal, please add your name to the spreadsheet. Link here.


Accreditation #2 Cancelled

Due to lack of coach availability we have had to cancel the accreditation on Friday 22nd.

We are trying to arrange a Saturday afternoon or possibly the couple of hours before track league to allow those booked on to complete accreditation. When we have more information we will post here and on social media as well as to the existing entrants. All existing entrants for the 22nd should have had an email already.

Accreditation #3 on Friday 29th is unaffected.


A reminder that if you haven’t registered online here for the league by 6pm Monday you may well not be accepted in time for the opening meeting on the 20th.

We also have a lot of pending registrations, so please don’t forget to do the following:

  • When you have completed the registration form you MUST send proof of your BC membership (if applicable) and licence status (if applicable)
  • When you have done this and we have approved your membership you will receive an email and then you MUST pay the registration fee.

If you fail to complete these steps you are not registered and will not be allocated a race number.

News Racing Track League

League News

Another reminder that our season start is just under two weeks away on April 20th.

Registrations are looking a bit thin right now and if they all pile up on the last Monday I likely won’t have time to process them and you’ll miss out so please don’t put it off and get on to it today!


Full instructions and the registration link can be found here

Please remember to provide all the evidence asked for. I get lots of applications sitting there doing nothing because people neglect to email in the licence information as requested.


Please note that we have pulled forward the closing date for the first accreditation session to 6pm on Monday 11th for logistical reasons.

Free Practice Sessions

A reminder that at the upcoming accreditation sessions there is the chance for accredited riders to get some pre-season fixed riding in their legs as well as giving the accreditation riders a better experience.

This is open to all seniors and youth A and B riders only.

There is no charge for accredited riders at these sessions.

The accreditation dates are:

  • Wednesday April 13th
  • Friday April 22nd
  • Friday April 29th


If there are any spare bodies we really need the same marshal requirements for the accreditation sessions as we do for racing, so if a few bodies could turn up to help it would be much appreciated.

Of course. The spreadsheet link is below. We’d like to see some names on there in advance please.