Friday Racing: Spaces and points available!

Still some spaces left for Fridays circuit races. They all have just enough for full points, so you’d only have to beat one or two of the field to get points out of it ….. just saying.

Enter on-the-line up to 15 minutes before the start of the race.

Take a look at the races on offer here.


Sprint Champs: Important Rider Information

Tomorrow sees the SCRL sprint championships roll around once again. This year things will run slightly differently for the seniors, so here are some guidance notes so that you know what will be happening tomorrow.

All Seniors

  • All senior categories will race as one in the sprint championships (no A/B/C categories).
  • All riders wishing to take part in the sprint championships MUST sign up on the separate sign up sheet before the close of sign-on.
  • All riders entering the sprint competition CANNOT enter the “NON SPRINT” senior races on the schedule, regardless of their sprint championships qualifying status (i.e. if you are knocked out in qualifying you still cannot ride these races).
  • The “NON SPRINT” races will be awarded REDUCED points and places. Only the first three places will be awarded points of 3, 2 and 1 respectively.
  • Any senior races on the schedule which are NOT explicitly named “NON SPRINT” will be run in the normal manner.

Sprint Champs Entrants

  • Qualifiers will be a timed flying 200M individual sprint. These will probably be “rolling” (i.e. next rider will go off before the last finishes) so please be ready at 6:45 prompt.
  • Qualifying riders will thereafter be allocated to heats in the normal manner, based on their finishing times.

Youth Major/Minor

  • All riders are entered into the championships automatically.
  • Heats will be based on league position and will be on the board.
  • There are no ‘non championship rider’ races, all major/minor riders can ride all major/minor races.

Tomorrow will be very busy as you can imagine, so please help us get as much racing in as possible by being ready to go as soon as possible and moving quickly through the races.

If you can offer any additional help, please contact us on or speak to someone at the track tomorrow.


Fridays Circuit Racing Cancelled

Unfortunately we have had to cancel the circuit racing planned for this Friday evening (14th) as we have not been able to get the services of a commissaire. Please pass this information on through your clubs etc and social media to save people wasted journeys.

This is an extension of the problems we are having getting enough marshals etc. Just like the rest of us commissaires are volunteers and the we can’t expect the same few individuals to give up there time every other week. Watch out for a call in the future for those willing to train as commissaires, if we can get a bigger pool then the demands on each individual will be less.

Thanks to those who did volunteer to help out Friday evening, we had just about managed to gather enough help. We do have another 3 races planned for the 28th June, 12th and 26th July so please do try and get along to help with these. Let Anthony know by emailing if you are available for any of these.


Racing Cancelled Wed 12 Jun 2019

Sorry folks, but as you’ve probably guessed, it’s going to be way too wet to race. This is probably the longest cancellation spell we’ve known! I’m sure the weather gods will smile on us next week for the re-re-scheduled points championships.


Wednesday/Friday Racing

You are probably thinking that tonights racing is looking doubtful. Well, the weather forecast isn’t good, and it’s currently raining. We are planning to make a call by 3pm today. Stay tuned to the website/social media channels.

Fridays racing, alas, is also looking doubtful. We are SEVERELY lacking in volunteers for marshalling.


It is worth reiterating again. SCRL IS NOT A CYCLE CLUB WITH “MEMBERS” TO DRAW UPON. The people who race need to put their hand up and provide the cover that they themselves need for their own races to go ahead. Everyone should help each other out. The committee spend enough time organising the events, they cannot be expected to provide cover for all of the roles. Nor can the same volunteers be expected to provide the cover over and over again.

There are a few cycle clubs with three or four riders in the races, some even per race. If each of those took it in turns to provide cover for the races they were not riding in, this would be easily achievable. If you like we could even let you put up some banners advertising the fact to promote your club as well.

Please email if you can fill a role.


This weeks racing


First up the good news, the gate is back! Wednesday racing should be going ahead as normal with our rescheduled points race championship. Just pray to the weather gods between now and then for a clear evening.


On Friday we see week 9 in our closed circuit racing series. We are aware that there were some issues with being able to enter some of the races online. This now appears to be fixed and online entries are once again available.

We are also short on the volunteer list again! Please email if you can help. Cover required at all races and first aid volunteers especially welcome.

Don’t forget to follow our social media channels, listed on the right of the page on the website, as these are usually the most up to date source of information.

Theres also the SCRL Racers Forum on Facebook, where anyone can post information or ask questions relating to anything sussex cycle racing related.


Missing gate tracked down

Apologies to anyone who turned up last night with the hope of racing since the rain had decided to go east, only to find we were missing a gate and had to cancel. The news is that we have tracked the gate down. The council’s contractors have taken it away for repair, that despite assurances that it would be repaired on site! We have been told it will be back tomorrow so as long as this great British Summer allows it, there will be racing next week with the postponed Points Championship.

And whilst I am online, a big thank you to everyone who responded to my email last week for Friday night volunteers. Turned out to be a great night both weather and racing wise. No racing this Friday but we are doing it all again next week (14th). To save us panicking last minute can I ask once again for volunteers, as always email