Sprint Champs: Important Rider Information

Tomorrow sees the SCRL sprint championships roll around once again. This year things will run slightly differently for the seniors, so here are some guidance notes so that you know what will be happening tomorrow.

All Seniors

  • All senior categories will race as one in the sprint championships (no A/B/C categories).
  • All riders wishing to take part in the sprint championships MUST sign up on the separate sign up sheet before the close of sign-on.
  • All riders entering the sprint competition CANNOT enter the “NON SPRINT” senior races on the schedule, regardless of their sprint championships qualifying status (i.e. if you are knocked out in qualifying you still cannot ride these races).
  • The “NON SPRINT” races will be awarded REDUCED points and places. Only the first three places will be awarded points of 3, 2 and 1 respectively.
  • Any senior races on the schedule which are NOT explicitly named “NON SPRINT” will be run in the normal manner.

Sprint Champs Entrants

  • Qualifiers will be a timed flying 200M individual sprint. These will probably be “rolling” (i.e. next rider will go off before the last finishes) so please be ready at 6:45 prompt.
  • Qualifying riders will thereafter be allocated to heats in the normal manner, based on their finishing times.

Youth Major/Minor

  • All riders are entered into the championships automatically.
  • Heats will be based on league position and will be on the board.
  • There are no ‘non championship rider’ races, all major/minor riders can ride all major/minor races.

Tomorrow will be very busy as you can imagine, so please help us get as much racing in as possible by being ready to go as soon as possible and moving quickly through the races.

If you can offer any additional help, please contact us on or speak to someone at the track tomorrow.