Fridays Circuit Racing Cancelled

Unfortunately we have had to cancel the circuit racing planned for this Friday evening (14th) as we have not been able to get the services of a commissaire. Please pass this information on through your clubs etc and social media to save people wasted journeys.

This is an extension of the problems we are having getting enough marshals etc. Just like the rest of us commissaires are volunteers and the we can’t expect the same few individuals to give up there time every other week. Watch out for a call in the future for those willing to train as commissaires, if we can get a bigger pool then the demands on each individual will be less.

Thanks to those who did volunteer to help out Friday evening, we had just about managed to gather enough help. We do have another 3 races planned for the 28th June, 12th and 26th July so please do try and get along to help with these. Let Anthony know by emailing if you are available for any of these.