SCRL Circuit Races June 15th Provisional Results

Confirmed results:

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Womens 2/3/4 Cat

Result No. Forename Surname Club / Team Name Cat
1 5 Angela Radden-Rutt The Cycle Room 2nd
2 6 Amelia Roberts The Cycle Room 3rd
3 2 Josephine Edmunds Hastings & St Leonards CC 4th
4 7 Lucy Williams Sussex Nomads CC 0
5 3 Charlotte Jackson Nice Brew Cycling Club 4th
6 8 Marianne Clark Unattached 0
DNF 4 Lucy Parsons URDT 4th
DNS 1 Grace Dent Project51 3rd

4th Cat/Youth A

Result No. Forename Surname Club / Team Name Cat
1 37 Harry Hawkridge Unattached 4th
2 46 David Lear Nice Brew Cycling Club 4th
3 40 Robert Paynter URDT 4th
4 43 Jeremy Whittaker Brighton Mitre CC 4th
5 48 Thomas Berezniovas The Cycle Room 4th
6 44 Francis Schofield Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC) A
7 45 Robert Coniglio Dulwich Paragon CC 4th
8 38 MJ Jackson Nice Brew Cycling Club 4th
9 36 Adrian Ford Unattached 4th
10 42 John Tindell Brighton Excelsior CC 4th
11 39 Gary Longmate Sussex Revolution VC 4th
DNF 41 Stephen Strickland Horsham Cycling 4th
DNF 47 Steve Burns Sussex Revolution VC 4th

2nd/3rd Cat

Result No. Forename Surname Club / Team Name Cat
1 81 Keith Henderson Southborough & District Whls 2nd
2 72 Rory Barrett Southborough & District Whls 2nd
3 71 Finn Anderson-Grout Brighton Mitre CC 2nd
4 91 Cameron Cragg Team ASL 2nd
5 88 Mikey Weavers ASL 2nd
6 92 Cameron Preece Southborough & District Whls 3rd
7 94 Mark Day Generation Press CC 2nd
8 95 Ben Huttly Brighton Mitre CC 2nd
9 83 Andrew Larking Sussex Revolution VC 2nd
10 79 Mark Gower Southdowns Bikes – Casco PET 2nd
11 74 Tony Boness Blazing Saddles Cycles 2nd
12 78 Jon Fry Horsham Cycling 3rd
13 84 Dominic Maxwell Worthing Excelsior 3rd
14 77 Gabriel Edgar Brighton Mitre CC 3rd
15 76 Brock Duncumb Rogers Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC) 3rd
16 73 Alex Beyfus Sussex Nomads CC 3rd
17 80 Torin Henderson Southborough & District Whls 3rd
18 89 Rory Palmer Brighton Mitre CC 2nd
19 82 Przemek Jersz Southborough & District Whls 3rd
20 75 Luke De Quay East Grinstead CC 3rd
DNF 86 Richard Moult Brighton Mitre CC 3rd
DNF 90 Robert Fuller Brighton Mitre CC 3rd
DNF 93 James Currie Southborough & District Whls 3rd
DNS 85 Rik McNicoll The Cycle Room 3rd
DNS 87 Matthew Smith Brighton Excelsior CC 3rd

An Australian pursuit?

Some of you may remember last year when we welcomed Italian rider Francesca Selva into our league whilst she was here studying.

Well last week SCRL broadened it’s international horizons even further by hosting Australian national J17 (youth) Gold and Bronze medallist Eliza Bennett.

Eliza, representing her home club Bathurst CC from Bathurst NSW, raced with the Youth A boys in the mixed A/B races, and recorded points in all races, with wins in the handicap and the three lap dash.

Whilst on a family holiday to visit her sister studying in the area, Eliza was missing racing and so a quick search turned up SCRL’s Wednesday league.

After the event, her father Damien told us:

Just wanted to pass on my thanks again for your clubs generosity in allowing Eliza to race and for taking the time to chat with us. Eliza had a ball and had plenty to talk about in the car on the way home. The boys were good sports and should be proud of their racing and we wish them every success.

I also want to pass on our very best to your club. I really hope that one day we can return the favour to members of your club if they ever find themselves in Australia near Bathurst and looking for a race or just a pedaling companion.

So if you ever find yourself near Bathurst, NSW and miss your Wednesday nights, you know who to call!



We are short of a few volunteers for tonight, mainly in the area of marshalling. If you can help, or if you are racing and are coming with someone who can help, please make yourself known to the officials at the race.

Racing starts at 6pm prompt, so it would be a good idea to be there early.

Racing can’t go on without enough volunteers to fill the posts, so please help out wherever possible.