To sign up for a volunteer slot at an event click here.

The league could not run without the hard work of many volunteers.

Each race meet requires several people available to perform various duties without which, the racing cannot be run.

So if you are coming along to watch, bringing a younger racer, or even just taking a week off from the league, why not volunteer, because the league cannot run without you!

Below is a list of the positions we need to fill on a regular basis and what they entail.

You will always be given the appropriate advice or training prior to performing a duty. All volunteers are covered by British Cycling liability insurance during the event.

To volunteer, follow the sign up link at the top of the page.

What will I be doing?

The following volunteer positions are required every race meeting.

Organiser1Covers the general running of the event from start to finish. Must have the organiser dashboard enabled on their British Cycling account to enable them to fulfil this role.
Sign On1Verifies riders signing on meet licence requirements, takes payments, gives out rider numbers.
Judges3Includes one chief judge. One judge will operate the iPad cameras.
Gate Marshals1Controls access to/from the arena by manning the main gate. A second may also cover the container end gate.
Track Marshals3These positions require the marshal to monitor and move around the perimeter of the track to ensure it remains secure (i.e. discourage people who may decide to jump the fence to cross the track etc.).
First Aid1This role is currently fulfilled by a professional medical services provider. In addition to this, extra first aid qualified volunteers are always helpful.