Circuit Races #12 26/07

After some damp spells during the day and preceding night the weather turned (mostly) fine for the 12th and final week of our circuit series.

Provisional results are below. As always if there are any queries please email or use the contact form. Please do not use social media for these queries.

So that just about wraps it up for the circuit series. With just three weeks of racing in the Wednesday track league remaining the summer programme of racing is almost over.

We would like to thank all of the various volunteers, marshalls, commissaires and judges, as well as the other folks who do lots of work outside the actual race meeting, who keep all of our events rolling throughout the year. The racing could not happen without their selfless donation of their personal time.

And we’d also like to thank all the people who raced. We think that Preston Park velodrome has an important part to play in keeping the local (and further!) racing scene alive and well, and it’s great to see so many people enjoy their racing there.

If only there were some sort of mid-winter race at Preston Park ….

Category 4 Senior/Junior

PosForenameSurnameClub / Team NameCat
1KevinPhillipsBrighton Mitre CC4
3JoshuaBeattieSussex Nomads CC4
4MattLuiBrighton Mitre CC4

Category 3/4 Women/Junior Women

PosForenameSurnameClub / Team NameCat
1AnyaTamplin 4
2GemmaHobsonURDT 3
3ClareJohnsonBrighton Mitre CC4
4IleiaSpyropoulou 4
5ElaineBurroughsBrighton Mitre CC3
6WendyHarmanBrighton Mitre CC4
7IsobelBeattieBrighton Mitre CC4
8AndrinaKellyBrighton Mitre CC4
DNSAlisonLewisBrighton Mitre CC4

Category 2/3 Senior/Junior

PosForenameSurnameClub / Team NameCat
1Henry JamesCrawley Wheelers2
2JakeRoe 2
3JamiePullen1904 RT2
4PaulJamesCrawley Wheelers2
5JeremyWhittakerBrighton Mitre CC3
6JoshuaGuestOxted Cycling Club3
7JamesDe RicoSRVC3
8ConnorClancyBrighton Mitre CC3
9GavinMitchellTwickenham CC2
11SimonMcCleodBrighton Mitre CC3
12ColinChambersCrawley Wheelers3
DNSRichardMoultBrighton Mitre CC3
DNSThomasQuaidForan CCC2
DNSJohnTindellBrighton Mitre CC3

Circuit Races #11 12/07

An evening of lovely weather and some fine racing.

First and foremost a big thank you to everyone who volunteered to marshal and run the event. We don’t have the names handy but you know who you are, and the event could not have run without you, so well done!

We have some provisional results below, these will be sent to BC as soon as possible. Any queries or issues please email or use the contact form on the website. Please do not use social media for these queries.

Provisional Results

Cat 2/3

PlaceNo.ForenameSurnameClub / Team NameCat
126CharlieHeffernamSouthdowns Bikes – Casco PET2
231JakeRoe 2
334HenryJamesCrawley Wheelers2
415ThomasQuaidForan CCC2
52PaulBarnardSouthdowns Bikes – Casco PET2
75MarkDayURDT 2
811AndrewLarkingSussex Revolution Velo Club3
929BenHuttlyBrighton Mitre CC2
106JamesDi RicoSussex Revolution Velo Club3
1112RichardMoultBrighton Mitre CC3
123IanBaynesTMG Horizon Cycling Team3
1322GrahamWinstanleySussex Revolution Velo Club3
141GavinAshWorthing Excelsior CC3
1730NigelMacAodhaForan “cycling ireland”2
Not Placed8MarkFishertrainSharp Club3
Not Placed10OliverLaneWorthing Excelsior CC3
Not Placed13ChristianOlleyTMG Horizon Cycling Team3
Not Placed16DanielSelmesHastings & St Leonards CC3
Not Placed17MarkWallBTNRT3
Not Placed20RupertGreatwoodTri Surrey3
Not Placed25AliBairdURDT 3
Not Placed32FergusBradyPB Coaching3
Not Placed33DavidDousePB Coaching3
DNF7DanielEllisEastbourne Rovers CC3
DNF14RobertPaynterURDT 3
DNF18AlexBeyfusSussex Nomads3
DNF19JohnTindellBrighton Mitre CC3
DNF24TobiasBunyanEastbourne Rovers CC3
DNF27GabrielParle 3
DNS4JackChurchillBrighton Excelsior CC3
DNS9TomHildertrainSharp Club3

Women Cat 3/4

PlaceNo.ForenameSurnameClub / Team NameCat
156AliceGilmoreBrighton Mitre CC3
257AnyaTamplin 4
351GemmaHobsonURDT 3
454IleiaSpyropoulou 4
552ClareJohnsonBrighton Mitre CC4
655EllieTaylorURDT 3
750IsobelBeattieBrighton Mitre CC4
858WendyHarmanBrighton Mitre CC4
953AlisonLewisBrighton Mitre CC4

Cat 4

PlaceNo.ForenameSurnameClub / Team NameCat
1157DanNealN+1 – Lindfield Coffee Works 4
3153JoshuaFosterEvans Cycles Race Team4
5155SeamusMcAlisterBrighton Mitre CC4
7159KevinPhillipsBrighton Mitre CC4
8163SimonMcLeodBrighton Mitre CC4
10165JackGodfreyBeachy Head4
11151JoshuaBeattieSussex Nomads CC4
13160LucaStringerCrawley Wheelers4
15154MattLuiBrighton Mitre CC4
DNS158JohnOsbournCrawley Wheelers 

Thank you

A massive thank you to all those that helped out with the circuit races at Preston Park especially the riders that took time out either before or after their races. Putting on this series of races has put quite an extra load on the committee and our other usual band of volunteers so it is really helpful to have others step up and share the load. Please pass on our thanks to anyone you know who helped out.


Friday 12/07 Racing: Volunteers

Once again we find ourselves short of volunteers for the Friday circuit races.

We are most short on cover for the 2/3 races. Those volunteers who are racers are all 2/3 racers, leaving us very short of cover for their race.

It would seem that if 2/3 racers are getting there earlier to support the 4th cat and womens races it would be nice to have a reciprocal favour of providing them with cover for their race also.

The table below shows the current positions.

Commissaire Mike Leonard
Roving Marshal 1 Stuart Bettis
Roving Marshal 2Richard Moult [not 2/3]
Gate MarshalTobias Bunyan [not 2/3]
Judge 1 Ben Gerrey
Judge 2 Chris Hough
Ipad Operator 
Sign OnDave Gerrey
Gear Checker (1st hr)
First Aider*Alex Beyfus [not 2/3]

*First Aider can combine with Marshalling [if qualified]. This is the minimum needed for being allowed to run our events. 

So please, contact or drop a message on Facebook or Twitter (links below in the email or on the right hand side of the web page) and let us know if you can help.

SCRL Committee

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