How the League Works

The League is run over 18 consecutive weeks in the summer from early April to mid August (see the calendar for actual dates each season).

Since the racing is on fixed wheel bikes, there is no racing if it is raining or the track is damp from earlier rain.

Each evening there are a number of different races for each entry category (see the FAQ for information about categories).

The programme varies from week to week (see the events calendar) so the racing remains varied and interesting.  

The evenings typically start with a scratch race for each of the league categories and end with a distance race for the seniors.  In between there is a variable mix (see Types of Races).

Riders acquire league points for being placed in races and at the end of the season the riders with the most points win the prizes.


  • In each normal race, league points are awarded as follows:
    • 1st 6 points
    • 2nd 5 points
    • 3rd 4 points
    • 4th 3 points
    • 5th 2 points
    • 6th 1 point
  • Championship races are awarded triple points, as follows:
    • 1st 18 points
    • 2nd 16 points
    • 3rd 14 points
    • 4th 12 points
    • 5th 10 points
    • 6th 8 points
    • 7th 6 points
    • 8th 4 points
    • 9th 2 points
  • The winner of each heat in a sprint competition is awarded 1 point.
  • The winner of each heat in a handicap competition is awarded 1 point.
  • 1 point is given to each youth (not riding up) for each evening he/she races.

The League is run under British Cycling Technical Regulations.

In order to race in the league you must register for the season and pay the affiliation fee.

You must enter each week to race (see fees). Paying on the day is more expensive and creates additional work for the organisers, so online is much preferred.

When riding at the track (racing or warming up) you must wear a helmet.  You are also advised to wear track-mitts.

Please also read the rider briefing document.