Well, it’s been a funny old year for the weather, one week we’re on, the next we’re off. The good news is that next week should be our “on” week 😉

Those of you desperate for a racing fix should note that we have spaces in our 4, 2/3 and 3/4 women races this Friday and onlne entries don’t close until about 6pm tomorrow (despite what the page says)


Thanks and can we do it again.

I did mean to send out an email a week or so ago thanking those that responded to our request for volunteers for the circuit racing on the Friday night. In the end we had plenty which was really good as it took the pressure off Tim as organiser and the others of us that are there for most of the events.

So can we do it again this week please. We already have over 50 riders pre-entered so another busy night and some good racing I suspect. We need help across the board with judging and marshalling, in return we will buy you a coffee. Can you let us know by emailing (and copy me in or put a message on our Facebook page if that is easier (someone will see it I am sure). Thanks

Forecast looking a bit iffy for tomorrow by the way, watch out for messages.


Volunteers Urgently Required

We are in desperate need of volunteers to cover minimum duties at Fridays circuit racing.

If you can fill any of the vacancies please get back to as soon as possible, or speak to us tonight at the track.

If you are racing you can still cover races before/after. If a few people from each race can do this we should have it covered.

The posts we need to cover are:

  • 2 x roving marshalls. Monitor the far side of the track fencing to prevent ingress from members of the public.
  • 1 x Gate marshall. Control access via the main gate into and out of the velodrome to maintain rider and spectator safety.
  • 1 x Gear checker. Check that any juniors have correctly restricted gears by performing a rollout test, prior to their signing on.
  • 1 x iPad operator. Ensures that finish line images are captured in case scrutiny is required.
  • 1 x First aider. Must be a current first aid certificate and not racing the 2/3 race (we have cover outside of this race).


Shame about Wednesday Night – Still there is Friday

Lets not dwell on another Wednesday night missed due to the weather, lets hope its the last one this season. However there is still a chance to race at the track this week, that is as long as you are either a Male Vet (40+) or Female (Junior or above). And spread the word to friends, clubmates etc who might be interested, no accreditation needed for these races so a good chance to come along and try out track racing.

And if you don’t fit into either category then we are not so fussy when it comes to volunteering, we accept anyone. Please do come down and help out.

And a reminder that this Sunday is the PPYCC Youth Omniun. Entries closed but spectators (and no doubt volunteers) welcomed.


Ready to race?

After last weeks disappointment thanks to the rain, we are looking good tonight weather wise.

The met office forecast (and lets face it, when are they ever wrong eh?) is for cloud cover but staying dry. A moderate 12 degrees is expected, with the wind giving a feel factor of around 10, so you might want something to put on between races to keep the chill off. Wind wise, a breeze of around 10mph with 14/15mph gusts are forecast. Coming from the W/WNW it should be blowing right up the straight leading to the final corner, infamous Preston Park Velodrome micro-climate not withstanding.

This means we should be all systems go to press ahead, moving on to week A in our schedule.

This will feature the first of our handicap heats across all categories. To keep things moving, please adhere to these rider requirements:

  • There will be an announcement over the P.A. system when the heats schedule is posted on the A-board next to the sign on desk/judging area.
  • Find your heat number and starting distance from the posted schedule and be ready near to your starting distance marker when your heats are coming up.
  • You will need a holder/pusher for this event, so make sure they are ready with you also.

As always, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter channels for the latest updates on the evenings racing.

See you this evening!