Ready to race?

After last weeks disappointment thanks to the rain, we are looking good tonight weather wise.

The met office forecast (and lets face it, when are they ever wrong eh?) is for cloud cover but staying dry. A moderate 12 degrees is expected, with the wind giving a feel factor of around 10, so you might want something to put on between races to keep the chill off. Wind wise, a breeze of around 10mph with 14/15mph gusts are forecast. Coming from the W/WNW it should be blowing right up the straight leading to the final corner, infamous Preston Park Velodrome micro-climate not withstanding.

This means we should be all systems go to press ahead, moving on to week A in our schedule.

This will feature the first of our handicap heats across all categories. To keep things moving, please adhere to these rider requirements:

  • There will be an announcement over the P.A. system when the heats schedule is posted on the A-board next to the sign on desk/judging area.
  • Find your heat number and starting distance from the posted schedule and be ready near to your starting distance marker when your heats are coming up.
  • You will need a holder/pusher for this event, so make sure they are ready with you also.

As always, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter channels for the latest updates on the evenings racing.

See you this evening!