Friday Night Track Racing – Get involved

Hi – shame about the weather Wednesday night, as well as no racing it meant we missed the chance to ask you all to help out (or race) tonight at the Friday Night Vets and Women’s League. Truth is we desperately need some helpers for this.

Why should you help?

We can only book the track on a Wednesday or Friday evening due to the lease the cricket club has with the council. If we don’t book it on a Friday night and run races then it won’t be long before the cricket club look to take over Fridays as well and with the track in use only one night a week the council will become even more hesitant to look after it. At least that is our fear.

So if you value racing at the track please do come and help us keep it going and please let us know by emailing

Oh and a few more racers wouldn’t go amiss. Pass it on to your club mates. If they fit the age/gender categories then this is a good opportunity to give track racing a try.