Adopted at the 2010 AGM

1Definitions and Purpose
1.1This document represents the constitution of the Sussex Cycle Racing League, hereafter referred to either as ‘SCRL’ or ‘the League’.
1.2The purpose of the League shall be to promote and popularise cycle racing in Sussex and the wider South-East England.
1.3Membership of the League is open to –
 Any rider registering to ride League events (note This does not include registration for open events or other special events that the League may on occasion choose to organise).
 Any volunteer who assists in the operation of the League.
 All such individuals are hereafter referred to as ‘Members’ and are affiliated to the league.
2The Committee
2.1SCRL activities will be overseen by an elected committee, comprising the following positions:
 Officers – Chair, Secretary, Promoter and Treasurer
  Non Officers 3 * Riders Representatives
 Any additional positions identified by the committee for the successful operation of the League.
2.2These positions will be subject to annual election at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on a straight majority basis. Nominations for positions can be received at any time up to and including at the AGM itself
2.3The Officers will be responsible for the day to day running of the league.
2.4In addition to the elected positions, the committee may co-opt any number of individuals to act in an advisory role to the committee. Individuals co-opted in this way will not be considered full members of the committee and will not hold full voting rights.
2.5Committee meetings can be held as often as is required but not less than twice in any calendar year. Any member of the committee can call a meeting with the approval of the majority of other members. All members must be given 14 days notice of any committee meeting.
2.6The committee may from time to time choose to vote on certain issues. To be quorate, there must be a minimum of four members present. Voting by email is permitted. In the event of a split vote, the Chair will have a second, deciding vote.
2.7The committee will appoint an Honorary President and any number of Honorary Vice-Presidents. These positions will normally be for life but can be withdrawn by the Committee in the event e.g. of an individual bringing the League into disrepute
3Annual General Meeting
3.1The League will hold an AGM no later than six months after the completion of any racing season.
3.2A notice of the AGM will be sent to all members of the League via email not later than 14 days prior to the AGM date.
3.3All proposals to the AGM, including nominations for election to the committee, must be proposed and seconded by named individuals.
3.4All members of the League are entitled to vote at the AGM. Members under 16 are entitled to vote but may choose to proxy their vote to a parent or guardian. Committee members can vote on all motions but not on elections.
3.5All votes taken at the AGM will be determined on a straight majority basis. In the event of a split decision, a second vote will be held. If this second vote does not produce a result then the Chair will have a second, deciding vote.
4.1The League financial year will run from 1 October to 30 September
4.2The Treasurer will ensure that adequate accounts (typically Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement) are maintained and subject to independent audit. These accounts will be presented to the AGM for approval by vote (or draft accounts if there has been insufficient time for audit prior to the AGM)
4.3All funds will be held in a separate, dedicated account at a recognised bank under the name ‘Sussex Cycle Racing League’. There must be a minimum of two signatories, who are members of the current committee, for every withdrawal made against this account.
4.4The following spending limits will apply
 The treasurer can authorise spending up to a maximum of £100.
 The treasurer and one other officer can authorise spending up to a maximum of £250
 All spending above £250 requires the authorisation of the full committee.
4.5Any surplus made by the League will be re-invested to meet the purposes of the League. From time to time, the Committee may choose to spend funds to support wider cycling related causes.
4.6The League will hold sufficient reserves at a level to be determined by the Committee on an annual basis.
4.7In the event of the League ceasing to operate, all funds shall be transferred to a body devoted to the sport of cycling.
5.1Email will be the normal form of communication between committee members and between the committee and the League members. Voting by email is permitted at committee meetings but not at the AGM. For an email vote to be carried it requires a majority of the whole committee to respond positively.
5.2All cycle racing activities will be conducted under the Technical Regulations of the British Cycling Federation.
5.3The Committee will determine the racing programme and prize structure on an annual basis ahead of the start of the season. This is not binding and can be subject to alteration by the race promoter on an ongoing basis as the season progresses. In any event, the final prize structure will be ratified by the committee prior to the AGM.
5.4Any amendments to this constitution must be put forward as a motion for ratification by vote at the AGM. From time to time that committee may also wish to bring to the AGM other issues which affect the racing activities of the League. However, these issues will be for discussion with the members only and will not be put to vote.
5.5An Emergency General Meeting (EGM) of the League may be called by any member by making a request direct to the Chair of the committee. That request must specify exactly the motion to be debated at the EGM and must have evidence of support from at least nine other members of the League. Upon receiving such a request, the Chair will have 7 full weeks to arrange the EGM. Notice must be sent to all members no less than 14 days prior to the EGM. Only the motion raised will be debated at the EGM.