Bored on a Wednesday?

Well why not fill this particular empty Wednesday evening by filling out the track league survey. If you are a league member you should have an email from RiderHQ in your inbox. Getting feedback is an important part of running the league in the way that everyone wants, so have your say!

League Race Numbers

We are still short a few league race numbers. If you are one of those who still has them (or one of the few who apparently still has just one of the pair) then please get them back to us in one of the following ways.

  • If you are a visitor to the track on a Saturday morning when PPYCC are present, you can leave them on the desk in the sign on hut opposite the main gate.
  • email and we can let you know a postal address to send them to.

Provisional AGM

Looks like we’ll probably have an in-person AGM, likely in joint with PPYCC as we often do. Provisional date at the moment is Saturday October 16th from 5:30pm, after PPYCC, but we will advise in due course of the confirmed arrangements.


In case you hadn’t noticed, the provisional dates for the London and South East Cyclocross League have been published. Take a look here.

The traditional season opener hosted by VCJ at Stanmer Park is on the calendar and they could use some help. Read the post on the PPYCC website here and follow the link to put your name down. Just like racing at Preston Park, the event can’t run without volunteers.



League News: Week 18

This Wednesday (11th) sees our final week of league racing at Preston Park. With some of the podium places still up for grabs will we see a change in the standings? Hopefully the recent tradition of last-week-rainoff will be avoided this year and we can find out!

Don’t forget, we always need the usual complement of volunteers and we could use a couple more on the spreadsheet. Click here to sign up.


If you are a league member you should already have had a survey arrive in your inbox via RiderHQ about the AGM. Please ensure you respond. At the moment we have had only 17 responses and about 13 of those saying they will attend in person so if you want a prizegiving please have your say!

Keep an eye on your inbox as we will be sending out a more general purpose survey close to the finish of the season. This will be your chance to provide feedback on the league as it is now, and some potential changes which may or may not make it as far as the AGM for a vote depending on the general response from the survey.


Don’t forget, there are a couple of drinks planned by a few of us after this weeks racing over at the Park View (probably the garden but weather permitting!). Come one, come all.


Don’t forget to hand in your numbers to the judges area at the end of racing before you leave. Chasing people up for them after the season is a headache we can do without!


Yes, volunteers again


Still need a few more for the pursuits. Qualifiers will be three races of three riders, but station 2 may need to be used if there is a false start and a rider takes a second run so we need people to cover that also.

Remember that if you’re not riding pursuits you won’t be doing much else so nothing to stop non-pursuit riders helping out.

Click here to go to the spreadsheet to put your name down.

If you are helping for pursuits, then please come to the judging table no later than 6:30 for briefing and station allocation.

Other Volunteers

We also still need another judge for tomorrow, and a couple of marshals. Click here to put your name down.

Returning Numbers

A reminder that next week (the 11th) will be our last week, so if you won’t be there please hand in your league numbers at the end of the night to the judges desk.