Yes, volunteers again


Still need a few more for the pursuits. Qualifiers will be three races of three riders, but station 2 may need to be used if there is a false start and a rider takes a second run so we need people to cover that also.

Remember that if you’re not riding pursuits you won’t be doing much else so nothing to stop non-pursuit riders helping out.

Click here to go to the spreadsheet to put your name down.

If you are helping for pursuits, then please come to the judging table no later than 6:30 for briefing and station allocation.

Other Volunteers

We also still need another judge for tomorrow, and a couple of marshals. Click here to put your name down.

Returning Numbers

A reminder that next week (the 11th) will be our last week, so if you won’t be there please hand in your league numbers at the end of the night to the judges desk.