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New Accreditation Date Announced

We have secured Friday June 16th as an available accreditation date.

With the long sunlight that day we are going to try and run it as a “one and done” session (i.e. all accreditation done in one session).

To get more information and sign up see our accreditation calendar page here.


Week 7 Volunteers

Attention all riders and members of our racing community! We are rapidly approaching Week 7 of our racing season, but we find ourselves facing a critical challenge. Currently, we do not have any volunteers signed up for this week’s event.

The absence of our regular volunteers, many of whom are away, leaves us in a difficult position. Without an adequate number of volunteers, we cannot ensure the safe and successful execution of the races that we all eagerly look forward to.

We kindly ask each and every one of you to consider stepping up and signing up as a volunteer for Week 7. Your support is crucial in allowing others to experience the thrill of racing. By volunteering, you not only contribute to the well-being of the racing community but also create opportunities for fellow riders to showcase their skills and compete.

Please take a moment to reflect on the importance of volunteering and the impact it has on our racing events. Without volunteers, the entire structure of our league is at risk. We want to continue providing an exciting and well-organized racing experience, but we need your help to make it happen.

If we do not have all the volunteer spots filled by early Wednesday morning, we regretfully will not be able to proceed with the races. This decision is based on the safety and integrity of the events, as we must ensure we have enough support to maintain our high standards.

To sign up as a volunteer and help us keep the racing spirit alive, please visit [sign-up link]. Even if you can only spare a portion of your time or have limited experience, your willingness to lend a hand is invaluable.

Let’s rally together as a community and show our support for one another. By volunteering, you not only enable others to race but also contribute to the camaraderie and success of our racing series.

Thank you in advance for considering this urgent request. Your support and commitment are deeply appreciated.

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Summer Circuits #1/#2

Firstly, once again our biggest apologies for the late cancellation yesterday.

There was a mistake in the allocation of our commissaire who had been double booked (a booking wasn’t removed after he had to attend a national level event) and this didn’t become apparent until late in the day, when it was too late to try and obtain a replacement. This got compounded by an IT issue on the day with the officials system and difficulty communicating with the affected parties as they were also in attendance at same national level event. People are human and mistakes happen, and this did become a bit of a rare “perfect storm” scenario.

We do have confirmation of our officials for event #2 on 9th June. All entries from this week have been moved to event #2. Entrants can self refund via Rider HQ if they wish, or you can email us ( to do it for you if needs be (you may have to wait a couple of days). If you haven’t entered already you can enter here. We do of course need volunteers, just as we do every week, and you can sign up for that here.

This does once again highlight the crisis point that the volunteering roles in our sport are starting to get to.

Practically every race day role that exists at a regional level is fulfilled by volunteers, and we would urge anyone who has an interest in keeping the sport running to examine the roles available on the British cycling page here and get trained for a role that can help out.

Once again our sincerest apologies, but we hope you understand that the situation was beyond our control.


Racing Cancelled 26/5

Sorry for short notice, situation beyond our control. More details to follow. Please spread the word.


Summer Circuits: Entry Extended

We have extended the closing date to Thursday 25/5 at 6pm.

Go here to enter “Summer Circuits #1”.

We have filled the marshalling sheet it seems thanks to some very dedicated volunteers, but a couple of extra bodies is always good in case someone can’t make it. Maybe bring a friend or supporter along so they can step in for your race if necessary.

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Summer Series Now Open!

Just a short note to let you know the first of our Summer Series events are now open for entry. Enter the first (May 26th) by clicking here.

Events won’t run without people to run them and marshal. Sign up on our volunteer page here.


We need you!

Attention all racers and cycling enthusiasts! Get ready for an action-packed Week 5 of racing as we dive into the heart of the season. This week, we have two thrilling events lined up: the Championship Scratch race and the brand-new Australian Pursuit race exclusively for our senior A riders.

The Championship Scratch race promises intense competition and exciting battles as riders vie for the top honors. It’s a test of skill, strategy, and sheer determination. And for our senior A riders, the Australian Pursuit adds a fresh twist to the racing mix, injecting an extra element of excitement and challenge.

However, we have an urgent request. We are currently facing a shortage of volunteers, particularly for marshaling duties. Volunteers are the backbone of our racing community, ensuring the safety and smooth running of our events. Without an adequate number of marshals, it becomes challenging to maintain the high standards of organization and safety that we strive for.

We need YOUR help to fill these crucial volunteer spots. If you are a rider who isn’t participating in a specific race or someone passionate about supporting the cycling community, we urge you to sign up as a marshal. Your presence will make a significant difference in ensuring a successful race night.

To sign up as a volunteer marshal, please visit and select a suitable slot. Remember, the racing can only proceed if we have enough volunteers, so please don’t hesitate to step up and make a valuable contribution.

Let’s come together as a united racing community and show our support for this fantastic sport we all love. By volunteering, you directly contribute to the smooth operation of the event and help create an unforgettable experience for both riders and spectators.

Thank you in advance for your commitment and dedication. We greatly appreciate your willingness to step up and fill these vital marshal positions. Let’s make Week 5 a resounding success both on and off the track!

Circuits Racing Volunteers

Summer Series nearly open!

The events are registered with BC (pending sign-off) and event entry will be open as soon as they are. We kick off on Friday May 26th.

The races cover a mix of 2/3/4 categories each week including women only races and all races open to juniors. All races are Regional C+/points band 5.

There are six races in the series, occurring every other Friday. You can view the full calendar here and you can enter here.

We need to fill all the volunteer roles each week, otherwise : no racing.

All volunteer sign-up links can be found on this page here.

Primary roles need to be for the whole evening. Marshal positions are per race. Marshalling sign up will be available each week but all primary role sign up sheets are available now as we need to see these filling up, or we have to cancel the event.


Week 5 – The Australian Pursuit

Hello everyone, we’re excited to announce the upcoming Week 5 of SCRL Racing! This week features both the Championship Points race and a new race for senior A riders, the Australian Pursuit.

The Championship Points race is always a highlight of the season, and we can’t wait to see the competition on the track. In addition, the Australian Pursuit adds a new and exciting element to the race, so we encourage all senior A riders to participate.

As always, we want to remind everyone of the importance of volunteering. Our league runs thanks to the support of volunteers, and we couldn’t do it without their help. We have a variety of roles available, and we encourage riders to sign up for a slot using this link:

Remember, we require every racer to volunteer for at least one week throughout the season. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the cycling community, while also gaining valuable experience and meeting new people.

So, whether you’re racing or volunteering, we’re looking forward to another exciting week of SCRL Racing. Let’s work together to make this a successful and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


Racing is on

looks like we will get a break in the rain to race. See you on track at 18:30 start