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Summer Circuits #1/#2

Firstly, once again our biggest apologies for the late cancellation yesterday.

There was a mistake in the allocation of our commissaire who had been double booked (a booking wasn’t removed after he had to attend a national level event) and this didn’t become apparent until late in the day, when it was too late to try and obtain a replacement. This got compounded by an IT issue on the day with the officials system and difficulty communicating with the affected parties as they were also in attendance at same national level event. People are human and mistakes happen, and this did become a bit of a rare “perfect storm” scenario.

We do have confirmation of our officials for event #2 on 9th June. All entries from this week have been moved to event #2. Entrants can self refund via Rider HQ if they wish, or you can email us ( to do it for you if needs be (you may have to wait a couple of days). If you haven’t entered already you can enter here. We do of course need volunteers, just as we do every week, and you can sign up for that here.

This does once again highlight the crisis point that the volunteering roles in our sport are starting to get to.

Practically every race day role that exists at a regional level is fulfilled by volunteers, and we would urge anyone who has an interest in keeping the sport running to examine the roles available on the British cycling page here and get trained for a role that can help out.

Once again our sincerest apologies, but we hope you understand that the situation was beyond our control.