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Winter Series #5 – Riders and Volunteers

Winter series #5 is now open for entries. As always we can’t run anything without volunteers to marshal, so please put your name down or get a friend to volunteer.

Track Accreditation

Our track accreditation sessions are now open for entry. Please just enter your first one for now. Then you can enter any additional sessions as and when you know you can get to them.

Read about our accreditation process and why we have it here.

League Registration

For those riders already accredited registration is now open. Please take note of the instructions in regards to sending in your licence details.

SCRL now have their own set of racing rollers!

You might have been at the AGM a couple of years back when we borrowed the BECC rollers to spice up proceedings a bit.

Well a BECC member found their spare set in his garage and offered them up for sale. After (not all that) lengthy negotiations they were obtained for a very reasonable price indeed!

So now we have them, lets make some use of them. Any ideas for how we can use them to raise funds in addition to just having some fun with them would be welcome.

So far thoughts are:

  • Perhaps have a winter league where we can have a “social” evening once a month through the off season, probably at the Knoyle Road hall.
  • Maybe if we can have short notice use of the pavillion a “rained off day” event.
  • Hire out for use by other clubs, organisations and events.
  • Provide for use at local summer fairs etc. as an advertising/awareness raising tool.
Circuits Racing Volunteers

Volunteers for #4, yet again…

Once again we find ourselves asking people to step up to fill the volunteer roles we require to allow racing to go ahead. If you have raced all the races so far but not volunteered it’s time to put your hand up✋

Again may we suggest the following:

  • Bring someone with you who can marshal during your race OR
  • Volunteer for the race after yours (or in the case of the last race, come down early for the first one)

Go to the link below to put your name down:

All the roles marked * AT A MINIMUM need to be filled by 5pm or the races will be pulled.

Circuits Racing Volunteers

Volunteers for Race #3

Thanks for all those who have put their hand up to volunteer this Sunday so far.

It does seem to largely be the same names each week though.

We are still especially short of positions to cover the first (cat 4) race.  If you are racing PLEASE see if you can persuade someone to come with you to cover a marshalling spot and get them to put their name down on our request form here: Current Volunteer Status – Sussex Cycle Racing League (

The other positions are at a bare minimum too, which means if someone is a no-show then racing won’t go ahead, so please put your name down for those as well if possible.

This is an all or nothing situation.  We won’t put on one or two races which we have cover for, the whole event needs cover or it doesn’t happen.

Just a reminder: this isn’t a commercial enterprise, it’s volunteer driven to keep the track in use and provide some local racing.  If you like racing at it, you need to put back in to keep it going.  If everyone does their bit, you probably only need to do one or two slots a season at most.

Thanks in advance

Circuits Racing

Entries Open!

Entry for our first Winter Circuits on Feb 20th are now open.

Enter on RiderHQ here.

Still no volunteers on the sheet. No volunteers = no race. Go here to add a name in to the spreadsheet.

Circuits Racing Volunteers

Race News

Hi everyone. A bit of news about the winter circuits but first ….

The volunteer list is still entirely empty.

If there is no-one to marshal and fulfil the required roles: no race.

So get your name in a slot for outside of your intended race time, or persuade a friend or family member that you are bringing with you to fill a role. Click this link to go to the volunteer page and just follow the instructions. Or if you can’t figure it out, email

The six marshal positions can be filled by anyone. If you’d like practice to fill a judging role on a regular basis, please sign up and we can arrange for an experienced hand or two to show you the ropes. Likewise sign on/gear checker. If all roles are filled (which would be nice!) do please add a name in the backup person slots, as its not unusual for someone to have to not show at the last minute.

Remember that SCRL is not a commercial organisation making money for personal profit, nor is it a “club” with members to call on for raising funds. all profits from the racing go back into the league and the track to KEEP SUSSEX RACING!

OK, so to the races

We are mostly set and ready, but are still waiting official final sign-off from BC.

You can go to the series entry page on RiderHQ at this link.

Once we have opened the entry there will be a website post and social media posts, so sign up to the website notifications and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

The rest of the races are all set to open at 9am on the Monday following the previous race.

Keep ’em peeled!

Circuits Racing

Final Volunteer Call

Still two volunteers short of our bare minimum for marshalling for this evening (we really could use four more).

No marshals = no race.

It’s a very simple job, basically just standing at the back of the track and making sure people don’t try to jump the fence or otherwise get into the track. There’s usually a free hot drink or two from Coops Coffee in it for you as well. From 6 to 9pm (latest) needs to be covered.

If you are racing, consider that marshalling before or after your race means the whole thing can go ahead. No one steps up, no one gets to race. Consider:

  • Racing race 1 = marshal race 2 or 3
  • Racing race 2 = marshal race 1 or 3
  • Racing race 3 = marshal race 1 or 2

If at least two marshalling positions are not filled for the FULL evening by 3pm the evenings racing will be cancelled.

  • To put your name down on the spreadsheet click here.
  • If you cannot access or use the spreadsheets in the link, please email letting us know your name, contact number, times you can cover , and if there is any role that you will particularly not do.

Your co-operation, as always, is appreciated.

Circuits Racing Track League

Volunteer Shout:Track+Circuits

We are looking at almost blank spreadsheets this week for both track this Wednesday and our last circuit race this Friday.

Many usual volunteers are away this week which is why we need people outside of these regulars to step up more often, so that the jobs other than marshalling can be given to more than just one person.

Remember, no volunteers = no racing.

  • To put your name down for track on Wednesday click here. Please note that we now ask for some marshals from 6pm when we lock up the track for the safety of riders during warm up.
  • To put your name down for circuits on Friday click here.
  • If you cannot access or use the spreadsheets in the link, please email letting us know your name, contact number, times you can cover , and if there is any role that you will particularly not do.

Your co-operation, as always, is appreciated.