Circuits Racing Volunteers


We are still two volunteers for EACH race short for tomorrow. Midday Friday will be the absolute deadline to fill these roles or the racing cannot go ahead. Sign up below.

We will endeavour to keep social media updated by midday as to the situation.

Circuits Track League Volunteers

Track And Circuits

Week 16 of track this Wednesday as well as the last in the Summer Series on Friday.

As ever we need volunteers to help run the events.

To volunteer at track on Wednesday click here.

To marshal at the circuits on Friday click here.

To come and help with the judging and other roles at Fridays event click here.

Track entry closes at normal time of 3pm Wednesday and circuits closes at 7pm Wednesday.

Enter either event on RiderHQ by clicking here.

Circuits Racing Volunteers

Summer Circuits #4

Entries are looking very thin right now and we are lacking not just marshals but also people for sign-on and judging.

Events have a minimum financial feasibility and if we don’t think we can cover costs we simply won’t run it. If everybody waited until the last minute to enter, there would (will?) never be any events.

On top of that, the same volunteers cannot dedicate time to this every single race, and none of the usual people are available for judging or sign-on. It is generally preferable for people to do these roles for the whole race evening, but we have made three slots available for each role (1 per race) to enable this if needs be. Ideally you would have a bit of racing knowledge to be familiar with categories and licences, lapping and placing etc. but it isn’t necessary as full training will be given.

Entries close at 7pm Wednesday and we will take a view then as to whether it is worth running or not.

To sign up for a judging or sign-on role click here.

To sign up for marshalling a race click here.

To enter the race click here.

Circuits Racing Volunteers

Urgent: Comm Required

Due to unforeseen and unpreventable circumstances the commissaire assigned for this weeks Summer Circuits #3 on Friday can no longer attend.

If you, or anyone you that know is a qualified circuit commissaire that can cover the event, please contact us at or the South East Commissaire Co-Ordinator directly.

Thank You

Circuits Track League Volunteers

If we love racing, we have to give back

As you have probably noticed, there is a bit of an issue in the South East region with levels of volunteers available to fulfil all the roles needed to put on a race. This affects not just SCRL events but all events in the South East as a whole.

We lost last weeks racing as there are few commissaires available in the south east right now. Events #3, #5 and #6 also currently have no comm assigned as no-one is available. We also got three new event organisers on board that have been covering SCRL events this year but even that is not very many when you consider how many events we put on.

When these roles are met by only a few individuals, they end up doing the work time and time again, which means that in a very short space of time they reach their limit and we are back where we started.

So this post will cover a few of the roles that we think any racer should consider, in order to help racing in the South East survive. None of these require you to “give up racing”, on a permanent basis. If we had almost every racer able to fill these roles, everyone would have to sacrifice racing just one or maybe two events a year, and we could have a full calendar. We know it seems difficult fitting it in around other commitments, but this is exactly the same thing that current volunteers have to do.

Many of these roles come with membership benefits, such as free membership to Bronze level, or a discount of such on a higher level membership.


The officials appointed by British Cycling to officiate fair and safe racing. New requirements mean that almost all events require TWO commissaires to be in attendance so the need for qualified officials is higher than ever.

Our interest would be in more circuit or track commissaires (there are also others such as road, cx, mtb etc.) and trainees could potentially be able to complete at least a certain amount of those at Preston Park (if there are events to attend).

Read about this role and see training course availability here.

Event Organisers

Exactly what it says on the tin! Event organisers liase with the South East events co-ordinator before the beginning of each season to sort out the calendar for the coming year. They are also responsible for listing the event on the BC website and arranging all the requirements for the event itself.

Event organisers can also delegate this role for an event to other organisers through the BC online system so that they do not have to attend every event they list.

Anyone who chooses to be an organiser for SCRL events can do so in the knowledge that all the equipment needed is available and that there are experienced organisers in the league to help get you started and “hand hold” if needs be.

To get the organiser dashboard enabled on your BC account you must undergo a short training course, which can often be delivered online.

Read more about being an event organiser here.


Coaches are able to deliver both general and specialised cycle training and coaching depending on the level of qualification.

The biggest contribution to SCRL would be more people able to lead track accreditation courses so that we could offer these more often. More frequent accreditation courses means more riders and a more successful and vibrant track league!

You can read more about becoming a British Cycling qualified coach here.

SCRL would be willing to consider subsidising or paying for an SCRL regular to undertake coaching courses. If you are interested please email

Circuits Racing Uncategorized Volunteers

Summer Series Now Open!

Just a short note to let you know the first of our Summer Series events are now open for entry. Enter the first (May 26th) by clicking here.

Events won’t run without people to run them and marshal. Sign up on our volunteer page here.

Circuits Racing Volunteers

Summer Series nearly open!

The events are registered with BC (pending sign-off) and event entry will be open as soon as they are. We kick off on Friday May 26th.

The races cover a mix of 2/3/4 categories each week including women only races and all races open to juniors. All races are Regional C+/points band 5.

There are six races in the series, occurring every other Friday. You can view the full calendar here and you can enter here.

We need to fill all the volunteer roles each week, otherwise : no racing.

All volunteer sign-up links can be found on this page here.

Primary roles need to be for the whole evening. Marshal positions are per race. Marshalling sign up will be available each week but all primary role sign up sheets are available now as we need to see these filling up, or we have to cancel the event.

Circuits Racing Volunteers

Summer Circuits

First Summer Circuit should be May 26th, but as per last year if we can’t find people who are willing to be on the day organisers they won’t go ahead.

If you want to put your name down to be an organiser on the day, you must have completed BC organiser training and have the organiser dashboard enabled on your account.

You can sign up directly here or contact us on

Racing Track League Volunteers

One Week To Go

Well, in truth, turns out it was supposed to be today. Bit of a hiccup on that front. Still, it’s not like we’d have been racing today anyway, so the way I look at it, we beat the weather for once!

So track league starts next week, April 19th.

The calendar has been updated. We are just finalising what we want the first couple of weeks to look like schedule wise, but those will be available soon.

Please note that for the first two weeks (three if you count this week) we will be starting the first race at 6:30 as opposed to 6:45 to try and get more racing in on the days with short daylight. These are noted on the calendar as such.

What’s New?

There are a couple of new things to be aware of this year

Ladies Night!

The first Wednesday of every month will feature ladies only races. This will also be open to eligible female youth riders. To make room in the schedule either C and B or B and A riders will ride together for the night. We will try to alternate this, but ultimately numbers on the night will dictate what happens.


We remind you that all registered senior members must do one complete evening of volunteering.

You can reach the volunteering sign up pages from here.

When you volunteer, remember to sign in on the officials sign in form, available at the sign on hut. If you do not sign, you will not get credited!

The promoter may take the decision to cancel if not enough volunteers have signed up for the week.

The committee took the decision on event cancellations to work the same for volunteering as it does for refunds. That is, if you sign up to volunteer but it is cancelled before racing starts, you must still fulfil your volunteer requirement at another time. If racing has started but is later cancelled, you are considered to have fulfilled your commitment (lucky you).


Registration has been open for a couple of weeks, and of course you must register before you can race. You must also register by 6pm on the Monday before you intend to race so we can approve your membership, otherwise you will not be able to enter.

Click here to go to the registration page.

Race Entry

Race entry is now open for week #1. Those that have registered and paid can enter by clicking here.

Racing Track League Volunteers

Track League: Registration Open


Track League starts again April 19th. You will need to register first and you can only do that online here.

You no longer need to send us your BC membership/licence details (if you have any). These will be checked in person when you sign-in at your first event.

The schedule will be uploaded soon, but first two weeks will be quite short due to daylight, so we are planning to start the racing at 6:30 rather than 6:45.

We also need a full set of volunteers. This year sees us start the requirement of each (senior) league member doing one weeks volunteering. This can be in any of the roles listed on the volunteer sheet. We have the first four weeks available, and more will be added as the season progresses here on our volunteering page.