Race day information


Riders must sign at the start of every meeting and pay any applicable fees. Failure to do so may result in any points gained being forfeited.  More importantly it is a condition of insurance that you do sign on.


Riders must wear BOTH their assigned racing number during every race and it must be clearly visible.  To aid judging numbers should be worn low down on the back to the left.  If a temporary number is required a deposit will be charged.


While warming up please observe common track etiquette and only ride below the blue line when doing an effort.  Riders should not warm up more than two abreast.


Races will start as soon as possible after the previous event. Riders should be prepared for their next race and where relevant know their handicap distance and have holders available. The commissaire will not wait for late riders.  However remain clear of the track edge whilst a race is in progress and do not obstruct the view of the judges.

When your race has finished, please leave the track as quickly as possible, as the next race cannot start until the track is clear.

The programme contains listings of the proposed race order and any changes will be clearly indicated on the notice board and through announcements over the PA.


No ball games whatsoever are allowed on the grass.  This applies to everyone, including league riders and supporters.


Please keep the track, grass and surrounding areas tidy.  Take your own rubbish home.