League Prizes

The league awards prizes at the AGM and Prize Presentation ceremony usually held sometime in October.

To qualify for ANY overall prizes, riders will have to race at 8 meets or more, or 50% of meets run, whichever is the lower. However, ANY riders are eligible to win championship awards (see below).

The 1st Senior B overall will be the first to be promoted to the Senior A category with 8 race wins (excluding heats and B2 races), 2nd Senior B will be the next promoted, and so on. B league overall positions which are not decided on promotion will be decided simply on points gained, not on wins. The same rules apply for the C league with riders winning 8 races being promoted to the B league

At the prize presentation in the autumn, PROVIDED THE NUMBER OF RIDERS IS CONSISTENT WITH NORMAL NUMBERS, prizes will be awarded as listed below.

The committee reserves the right to vary prize values in any category, depending on entries.

Positions will be decided on the total number of points scored throughout the season (see How the league Works).

Senior ASenior BSenior C
1st£ + Plaque1st£ + Plaque1st£ + Plaque
2nd£ + Plaque2nd£ + Plaque2nd£ + Plaque
3rd£ + Plaque3rd£ + Plaque3rd£ + Plaque
1Fem£ + Plaque1Fem£ + Plaque1Fem£ + Plaque
1Vet£ + Plaque1Vet£ + Plaque1Vet£ + Plaque
Youth MajorYouth Minor
1st£ + Plaque1st£ + Plaque
2nd£ + Plaque2nd£ + Plaque
3rd£ + Plaque3rd£ + Plaque
1Fem£ + Plaque1Fem£ + Plaque