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Event Organiser Training
Track League Volunteers
Moved or Transferred Entries
New Warm Up Protocol
Another new race!

Event Organiser Training

Further to previous notices about the need for more event organisers, British Cycling South East have offered some times when the online training course will be available. Why do we need to do this?

  • SCRL events are too numerous for one person to dedicate their time to being at every event.
  • For SCRL to continue to offer events, we need a pool of event organisers (amongst other things).
  • To be an on the day organiser for SCRL, you must be delegated as such in the BC system by the event promoter.
  • To be able to do this, you must be a BC member and have the organiser dashboard enabled on the website against your BC account.
  • For this to happen, you must undergo some training about the event dashboard and being an event organiser.

More details are in the original post here, but in brief, the organiser role is essentially the person running the event at the venue on the day.

Remember, the more organisers we have, the easier it is, the less likely there will be cancelled events.

If you are interested please fill out the form here and we will contact you closer to the time. For reference, the available evenings are:

  • Friday 8th July
  • Tuesday 12th July
  • Friday 15th July
  • Monday 18th July

Track League Volunteers

It’s great that we now have so many parents involved in the racing. The downside of this is that we are now very tight on volunteers to fill the required marshal spots of an evening.

With that, we see the return of the volunteer spreadsheet. We need to see this filled by Wednesday 3pm (when entries close) every week, otherwise racing may well not happen. For those who have not used it before, the spreadsheet is public so just add your name to slots you can fill.

The marshal points are a non-negotiable part of our risk assessment, so they MUST be present in the numbers required.

From next season, we will be looking at some alternate methods of ensuring that volunteer spots are filled and that racing goes ahead.

Moved/Transferred Entries

There seems to be a bit of confusion about how transferred entries work, so we should make it clear.

  • Any cancelled races automatically roll over entries to the next week, every week until a race meeting takes place.
  • You can refund your entry yourself any time up to closing. Open your entry and from the “Actions” menu select “Refund/cancel”
  • If you cannot make it to the rolled over week, let us know at BEFORE THE NEW EVENT CLOSING TIME and we will move it to our holding event. It will stay there until you request it to be moved again. After the closing time it cannot be moved.
  • If you DO NOT refund or request your entry be moved prior to closing, you cannot be refunded as we then have to pay levies to British Cycling on the entry, whether you race or not. If you ask nicely we might give you a credit note but this will not be repeated too often, as it causes additional admin work.

New Warm Up Protocol

In the interest of safety, we are going to try a new warm up protocol from this week.

  • 6:00 – 6:30 = All riders may use the track. Slow riding only, no efforts. Exercise caution.
  • 6:30 – 6:40 = Youth Minor riders only
  • 6:40 – 6:50 = All other riders only

We would also like to remind all riders of the basic warm up etiquette, in particular.

  • Slower riding above the blue line and as far up the track as sensibly possible.
  • Efforts below the blue line.
  • Do not ride more than “two abreast” in a group during the warm up. Our track is too narrow to safely accommodate anything else when a faster group may be passing.

Another new race!

This week we will be introducing another new race – the course de points!

This is similar to the tempo race, in that one point every specified number of laps (every lap for youth minor, every other lap for everyone else) is used not to decide a winner, but is added directly to the riders league total. For the last lap, the usual points for 1st through 6th place are awarded, so even if one or two break off the front, there is still something to play for on the last lap.

Just as a quick example:

  • Points Lap 1 = Rider 1 is 1st over the line
  • Points Lap 2 = Rider 2 is 1st over the line
  • Points Lap 3 = Rider 1 is 1st over the line again
  • Final Lap = Rider 3 is 1st, Rider 1 is 2nd and Rider 2 is 3rd

Rider 1 gets 5 points for the second place plus two points from the points laps so 7 points are added to their league total.

Rider 2 gets 4 points for the third place plus one point from the points lap, so 5 points are added to their league total.

Rider 3 gets the 6 points from first place added to their league total.

Racing Track League

Week #10: Sprint Champs

This week is the highlight of the season for many people, our Sprint Championship.

How this works is different for youth riders from senior riders, so please read the notices below.

Youth Minor/Major

Youth riders do not have to do anything different at all. All youth riders are automatically entered into the youth sprint champs and they also still ride other races. Essentially like a normal week with their sprint champs running alongside.

  • When you arrive there will be a notice posted on the notice board by the finish line with your heats. Find out your heat number and be ready to race.
  • Youth competition consists of one round of heats and then a major final.

Senior Riders (inc. Youth riding up)

Unlike our other championships, the Sprint Championship is elective entry. That is, you must decide if you want to race the championships, or race the “regular” races instead. You cannot however, do both. There is a provisional schedule here which shows the sprints and the races for non-sprinters. This may be altered depending on the amount of sprint entries.

All riders regardless of choice must enter week #10 on RiderHQ as normal to pay their entry fee.

  • If you want to race in the sprint championships, you must register a separate entry here. Entries close Tuesday 21st June 6pm.
  • The competition will start with a timed 200M flying lap for each rider. The starting order will be posted to the notice board by the finish line.
  • The competition will then progress to elimination heats. See table below (1A is fastest TT time, 1B is second fastest etc.).
  • Heats will run from the nearest amount of riders available to complete a full heat i.e.
    • If we have 18 riders, 16 will qualify from the TT, two will be eliminated, and we start from the 1/8 finals.
    • If we have 12 riders, 8 will qualify from the TT, four will be eliminated, and we will start from the 1/4 finals.
  • Points scale runs from 9th to 1st.
    • 9th = 2 points
    • 8th = 4 points
    • 7th = 6 points
    • 6th = 8 points
    • 5th = 10 points
    • 4th = 12 points
    • 3rd = 14 points
    • 2nd = 16 points
    • 1st = 18 points
161/8 Finals11A–8A–9A–16A1B/5BNote 1
81/4 Finals11B-8B1CNote 2
4½ Finals11C-4C1D11D2
4Finals11D2 – 2D23rd (bronze)4th
21D1 – 2D11st (gold)1st (gold)
Note 1: Ranked 9 to 16 according to 200 m TT Qualifying
Note 2: Ranked 5 to 8 according to 200 m TT Qualifying
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League News

Week #9 Racing

Regardless of what I said last week, this is actually the halfway point of the season. Looks to be a scorcher! No rain in sight!

This week we will have a new race: The Snowball.

This is like a tempo race but with increasing points. So first over the line on lap one gets one point. First over the line on lap two gets two points, and so on. Tied points are decided on final lap placings.

See the schedule here.

Sprint Champs

Week #10 will be sprint champs week. We can’t publish the schedule in advance until we know how many riders we have for the competition, but sign up is now open here.

There is information on the event in RiderHQ, but for those who have not raced our Sprint Championships before, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Senior riders (and youth riding in senior categories) must elect to enter the sprint champs OR race the regular league schedule. They cannot do both. Sprint riders can only race the “non sprint” league races once the sprint final has completed.
  • Senior sprint riders ride a qualifier 200M flying sprint to seed the heats.
  • Youth minor and major do not need to sign up separately. All riders are automatically entered and seeded for sprint heats with their league entry.
  • All riders must still enter week #10 on Rider HQ as usual to pay their fee.

Free Track Time This Friday

We have another accreditation session this Friday. We always need some experienced riders to give the new riders a proper feel of riding in a bunch, so please come along and have some free pedal time!

If you know anyone who might want to join the accreditation, they can still enter here.


E-Bike for Sell

Hi, hopefully you won’t mind me hijacking the track league post to place an advert on behalf of a friend who has just emigrated but was unable to take her brand-new electric bike with her so is looking to sell it.  Specifically, it is a 23 inch “Babymaker”, still in its box and currently residing at her parent’s home in Uxbridge. She is looking for £1,000 for it and collected by the buyer but both are negotiable.  If you or someone you know is looking for a little E-Help to offset the rising fuel prices (or just fancy a bit of easier pedalling) then email me at and I will put you in contact with them.  Happy Riding! Ben (your chief judge).


8/6 Racing Cancelled

Not the way we wanted to reach the halfway point of the season, but I’m afraid the weather was against us once again. The track is sopping wet, and more is forecast for later anyway. So lets call it now and we can sit on the turbo for a bit or go out and get wet if that’s your thing…

This weeks entries will be rolled over to next week. If you can’t make next week send an email to and I’ll move it to our holding event until you want it moved back (or you can do it yourself via Rider HQ).

Racing Track League

Weather Watch

Forecast currently at 30% chance of light showers in Brighton for 6 and 7pm. So the odds are favourable and with the higher temperature a (very) light shower may well be tolerable to racing. The forecast has changed a few times though so we will be keeping an eye on it.

If the forecast stays the same and the track is still actually dry enough at 5pm we will be trying to race.

As usual, keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter and the website.


Volunteers Again

Thanks for the response from a few people last week to cover the spots needed, even if it didn’t happen!

This week (#8) we have a different set of regulars away, and so will need more people there from 6pm once again. If you can be there to help please email

  • Marshals from 6pm to lock gates and keep the arena secure
  • Someone to do sign on
  • At least one (and better two) judges.
  • Some extra hands to help get out the equipment (lap board, PA, tables etc.).

This weeks (#8) schedule

This was to be the second time we would have run a 10 mile scratch for the seniors but with such low A level attendance this will probably not pan out. If we get at least 15 senior A riders entered then we will run it if desired, otherwise the schedule will be altered accordingly.

Again, there will also be an alternate mixed senior A/B schedule in the event of low senior A or B entry.

Accreditation on Friday the 17th June

This also needs a few volunteers to make the session safe and successful, please again email

  • Marshals from 6pm to lock gates and keep the arena secure
  • Riders! Anyone SCRL accredited and youth A and B riders may turn up for some FREE track time (you do not need to email in for this, just show up about 6pm).

Cancelled !

Sorry to mess you all about but it is now very clear the track won’t be safe enough for racing tonight. I was pushing teh track sweeper over one of teh damp patches try to help it dry but slipped over.

Next week hopefully


Track is Dry(ish)

Just got here and can’t believe it but the track isvirtually dry. A few damp patches on teh corners but hoping they will dry by 7 so unless things change racing is currently on.


Weather Watch (again)

It’s Wednesday, that means the threat of showers in Brighton. Well actually not a threat it is now raining. The hope is that it finishes real soon and the sun comes back out and everything will be fine.

But just in case it doesn’t happen that way keep on eye for further notices. We will try and make a decision by 5 and get the message out as soon after that as we can.