Racing Track League

Week #10: Sprint Champs

This week is the highlight of the season for many people, our Sprint Championship.

How this works is different for youth riders from senior riders, so please read the notices below.

Youth Minor/Major

Youth riders do not have to do anything different at all. All youth riders are automatically entered into the youth sprint champs and they also still ride other races. Essentially like a normal week with their sprint champs running alongside.

  • When you arrive there will be a notice posted on the notice board by the finish line with your heats. Find out your heat number and be ready to race.
  • Youth competition consists of one round of heats and then a major final.

Senior Riders (inc. Youth riding up)

Unlike our other championships, the Sprint Championship is elective entry. That is, you must decide if you want to race the championships, or race the “regular” races instead. You cannot however, do both. There is a provisional schedule here which shows the sprints and the races for non-sprinters. This may be altered depending on the amount of sprint entries.

All riders regardless of choice must enter week #10 on RiderHQ as normal to pay their entry fee.

  • If you want to race in the sprint championships, you must register a separate entry here. Entries close Tuesday 21st June 6pm.
  • The competition will start with a timed 200M flying lap for each rider. The starting order will be posted to the notice board by the finish line.
  • The competition will then progress to elimination heats. See table below (1A is fastest TT time, 1B is second fastest etc.).
  • Heats will run from the nearest amount of riders available to complete a full heat i.e.
    • If we have 18 riders, 16 will qualify from the TT, two will be eliminated, and we start from the 1/8 finals.
    • If we have 12 riders, 8 will qualify from the TT, four will be eliminated, and we will start from the 1/4 finals.
  • Points scale runs from 9th to 1st.
    • 9th = 2 points
    • 8th = 4 points
    • 7th = 6 points
    • 6th = 8 points
    • 5th = 10 points
    • 4th = 12 points
    • 3rd = 14 points
    • 2nd = 16 points
    • 1st = 18 points
161/8 Finals11A–8A–9A–16A1B/5BNote 1
81/4 Finals11B-8B1CNote 2
4½ Finals11C-4C1D11D2
4Finals11D2 – 2D23rd (bronze)4th
21D1 – 2D11st (gold)1st (gold)
Note 1: Ranked 9 to 16 according to 200 m TT Qualifying
Note 2: Ranked 5 to 8 according to 200 m TT Qualifying