2022 Wednesday Track League

These dates are currently provisional and subject to change.

All races at Preston Park Velodrome.

Track opens at 6:00PM. Racing starts 6:45PM.

Schedule may be altered due to time constraints. Weather may affect the event, please follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts for the most up to date information.

Please familiarise yourself with our covid guidelines.

Week 120 April20:03Results
Week 227 April20:15Results
Week 34 May20:26Results
Week 411 May20:37Results
Week 518 May20:47Results
Week 625 May20:56Results
Week 71 June21:04Results
Week 88 June21:11Results
Week 915 June21:15Results
Week 1022 June21:18Results
Week 1129 June21:17Results
Week 126 July21:15Results
Week 1313 July21:10Results
Week 1420 July21:09Results
Week 1527 July20:53Results
Week 163 August20:42Results
Week 1710 August20:30Results
Week 1817 August20:17Results