More Racing & Volunteering

Now that track league has finished for the year, I thought I would unashamedly highjack the league posting to publicise the VC Jubilee cross race, both to get more entries and to ask you to support VCJ (and me) by helping out on the day if you can.  We are back with the opening race of the cross season on the 4th September but since the university have their 60th birthday that weekend which means we can’t use Stanmer Park we have found a new venue.  The races this year will be in a field that is a natural valley in Coombes Farm near Steyning.  It won’t be the most inspiring of courses, basically a steep climb up to the top (with stunning views) and then zig-zag back down.  But it is a race!

The race on the 4th is the first race of the London and South East Cyclocross League which has races most weekend up until the end of January with a team championship on February.  Three of the races are in Sussex (18th September in Crawley and 6th November in Brighton) and these form their own mini league as well with separate prizes.  There is more information on the league itself on and to enter our race go to the British Cycling website here.

If you won’t be racing (or even if you are) VCJ (me as organiser) could really do with some help.  It’s a big event for a small ‘youth’ cycle club to put on but the profits from this race really help us to keep doing what we do, getting young riders out on their bikes.  If you can help please go to where you will find everything listed out and you can put your name down (still plenty of choice left).  I have split some of the tasks into different time slots during the day but please don’t think this is rigid.  Basically, put your name down then let me know what you can do.  You can put yourself down in both marshalling slots for example if you are free all day, or swap to another job.  Again, ask if you are not certain.  Please do sign up as soon as possible so we have an idea of numbers.  Better to sign up (as long as you do have the intention of turning up) then letting me know if you do have to cancel as opposed to waiting to nearer the time just in case something else turns up.  Thanks



Week #18: Cancelled

Alas, the rain was too persistent and the track will most likely not dry in time. There is just too much water.

Any entries will be refunded automatically, but if you are in a hurry for it you can process this yourself on Rider HQ.

There is a post on our Facebook user group here to see who/how many will still be going for post-season drinks (NOT at the King and Queen, it’s the Crown and Anchor at the bottom of Preston Drove).

News Track League

League News:

Weather Watch

Well it certainly was well timed. We’ll be keeping an eye on the weather tomorrow. Right now it’s slightly more in favour of it raining up until about 4pm. Even at 20 degrees, that’s still a bit iffy as to how much the track will dry, so we’ll keep you posted throughout the day and endeavour to give a definitive answer by 5pm. But even then nothing will happen unless we get some …..


Spreadsheet is empty at the moment. Click here to add your name. Also Dave is away, so anyone who could cover sign on is welcome to take it up. Otherwise you’ll have to fend for yourselves and anyone who needs to enter on the day may have to wait until the end of the evening when I’m free to take the payment.

Post Season Drinks

Don’t forget post season drinks are at the King and Queen at the bottom of the road after the racing (if there is any). If we have to cancel, I will pop a post on our racers forum on Facebook where people can flag if they are still up for coming down.

Race Numbers

Don’t forget to give back your number this week after we finish please. All league members will receive an email shortly giving them options for returning outside of a Wednesday evening.


League News

Next Week: Marymoor Crawl

As its the last meet of the season the last race will be a marymoor crawl. This will be for fun and a few token prizes, no league points involved.

For those who don’t know, the Marymoor Crawl is what some people may know as a “slow race”.

Riders will form up on the track, at a predetermined point, (usually around 100 metres-ish) from the finish line. When the start whistle blows, riders may not:

  • Leave the track
  • Put a foot down
  • Lean on the fence, another rider, or anything else
  • Cross the finish line
  • Go backwards

At some point after two minutes, the bell will ring, and it is then a straight one lap dash all the way around for the finish line. Prizes usually only for first spot but its always worth sprinting for pride 😉

Get some track-standing practice in!


Some people have mentioned that they would like to try judging but are too worried about getting it wrong. This is generally unfounded as we never rely on just one person and you would get a few weeks with other judges to get used to it.

So with that in mind, as the Marymoor Crawl does not involve any league points its the ideal race to try it out.

Have a word with the judges at some point in the evening to arrange.

Post Season Drinks

The plan is to pop down the Crown and Anchor at the bottom of the road by the Traffic Lights for a couple of drinks after the racing finishes. Come one come all! (if it is rained off with the small threat of rain that is there at the moment perhaps we will start early!)

AGM and Roller Racing

We are in the process of organising our end of year AGM where trophies and medals can be picked up. Keep an eye on our usual channels for information.

We intend to break out our league rollers for a short roller racing session too. This will be a short “taster” ahead of a planned roller racing evening once a month “out of season”. More info will follow.


Don’t forget to give back your number at the end! Numbers cost money!

News Racing Track League Volunteers

League News


Could still use a couple more volunteers for marshalling this week. Please add your name to the spreadsheet here.


If you are not intending to race after this week please remember to hand in your numbers at the end of the night.

Those of you already done for the season, please email for a return postal address.

Any numbers not returned have to be replaced and this is an extra cost the league could do without.

Move or refund an entry

All entries from last week have now been moved to week #17. If you can’t make it this week and/or next week, here is a quick guide on how to either move them to the “holding event” or refund the entry.

  • Log in to Rider HQ
  • Go to
  • Scroll down to find the entry
  • Click View Details
  • Click on the “Action” menu
  • Click on either “Move….” or “Refund/Cancel”

Sorry Track Cancelled Tomorrow

Really sorry to have to do this but, along with there being only 2 volunteers stepping up for tomorrow as marshals, due to holidays and other demands on the “usual ssupects” time I am the only “official” available to do sign on, judging and be organiser. I’m afriad it isn’t going to happen. If it was needed, this is a stark reminder of how dependant the league is on just a few very active and ever willing volunteers. Something has to change.

I will attempt to get an email out to everyone who has booked and figure out how to move your bookings to another time. Please be patient as the booking system is not something I have first hand experience of.

Next week hopefully