More Racing & Volunteering

Now that track league has finished for the year, I thought I would unashamedly highjack the league posting to publicise the VC Jubilee cross race, both to get more entries and to ask you to support VCJ (and me) by helping out on the day if you can.  We are back with the opening race of the cross season on the 4th September but since the university have their 60th birthday that weekend which means we can’t use Stanmer Park we have found a new venue.  The races this year will be in a field that is a natural valley in Coombes Farm near Steyning.  It won’t be the most inspiring of courses, basically a steep climb up to the top (with stunning views) and then zig-zag back down.  But it is a race!

The race on the 4th is the first race of the London and South East Cyclocross League which has races most weekend up until the end of January with a team championship on February.  Three of the races are in Sussex (18th September in Crawley and 6th November in Brighton) and these form their own mini league as well with separate prizes.  There is more information on the league itself on and to enter our race go to the British Cycling website here.

If you won’t be racing (or even if you are) VCJ (me as organiser) could really do with some help.  It’s a big event for a small ‘youth’ cycle club to put on but the profits from this race really help us to keep doing what we do, getting young riders out on their bikes.  If you can help please go to where you will find everything listed out and you can put your name down (still plenty of choice left).  I have split some of the tasks into different time slots during the day but please don’t think this is rigid.  Basically, put your name down then let me know what you can do.  You can put yourself down in both marshalling slots for example if you are free all day, or swap to another job.  Again, ask if you are not certain.  Please do sign up as soon as possible so we have an idea of numbers.  Better to sign up (as long as you do have the intention of turning up) then letting me know if you do have to cancel as opposed to waiting to nearer the time just in case something else turns up.  Thanks