Track Racing Update

Long story short, there isn’t any this year. Sorry. For a bit more detail, read on.

British Cycling will sanction racing at regional level from August 1st, but with restrictions on race numbers, race duration, venue and of course distancing and hygiene procedures.

This would have given us three weeks of our league left.

The committee met last night to discuss the requirements and how we could best implement them.

It soon became apparent that we could not possibly organise all that was required by next Wednesday.

This would leave us with two weeks of our regular racing.

As we worked through the document and realised that more and more work would need to be done, online capabilities for entry set up, equipment obtained, extra procedures to do every week etc. it soon became apparent that the effort far outweighed the benefit for just two weeks of racing. Especially when it was considered that those two weeks are usually the quietest.

It was therefore a unanimous decision to not proceed with the remaining weeks of this years track league.

Depending on the situation come September we will reconvene and consider the possibility of running some circuit races under whatever the restrictions are at that time.

In the meantime there are time trials already running for those of you who need to pin a number on, or maybe now is the time to go and explore the downs, or take that touring holiday you always wanted to.

Stay well, keep riding, see you soon.