AGM Reminder: 5th October 2019

We’re sure you haven’t forgotten but we are now just over two weeks away from our 2019 AGM!
The Time: 5th October 1800 to 2100 (including Roller Racing)
The Place: St. Johns Church Hall, Knoyle Road, Brighton.

Race Numbers!

First and foremost, we still have a few race numbers from last year not returned. Please bring them to the AGM with you, or contact us for postal details if you can’t make it. They cost money to replace which we shouldn’t have to spend!


We have a number of committee positions to fill as well as reports on what’s been happening this year, information and news with regards to what we would like to do next year, and of course the all important awards… Roles to fill include; Promoter, Men and Women’s Rider Reps, Sign-on Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator – these are important roles (some of them essential) that need to be filled so we can run racing next year. Please email the committee if you are interested or want to find out more ahead of the AGM.


As well as the league and championship titles, don’t forget there will be other trophies up for grabs including:
  • Twilight trophy
  • Vets trophy
  • Sprint trophy
  • Most combative senior
  • Roy Humphrey trophy
  • Most improved rider

Womens Racing Awards

We also have awards for the Friday women’s track and the circuit series events. There are awards for the first, second and third place riders and prizes for the top six, kindly donated by local businesses (To be eligible, riders needed to attend a minimum of 4 weeks and attend the SCRL AGM).

AGM Roller Racing Update

The committee have formalised the rules we will be using for the roller challenge at the AGM.

Equipment and etiquette

  1. Bike will be provided [there will be frame sizes 49cm x 2, 52cm x 2, 56cm x 2, 58cm x 1].
  2. Gearing will be 48 x 15 for all bikes
  3. No cycle kit allowed to be worn by competitors.
  4. Bikes will be held on the rollers by two holders for each bike.
  5. It is riders responsibility to ride in an even manner to facilitate staying on the rollers.
  6. No restarts after the first 3 seconds from the start have elapsed.
  7. No mechanical assistance.
  8. No aerobars
  9. No helmets


  1. Entry fee £2 seniors [16 and over], £1 youth category  [under 16]
  2. Categories [all ages relate to the day of the competition] – under 16 boys, under 16 girls, under 40 Men, under 40 Women, 40 and over Men, 40 and over Women.
  3. Anyone who rode senior track leagues in 2019 cannot enter the youth event.
  4. Event distance will be 500 metres
  5. Two riders race simultaneously
  6. Riders times determine progression to the finals
  7. The finals will be based on numbers entering but will consist of at least a final where there are four (4) or more riders in the category.

Don’t pack away the track bike just yet….

It’s the AGM in a few weeks time, October 5th at 6pm sharp, (usual place: Knoyle Hall on Knoyle Road, Brighton). But this year we’re going to have some racing too…

Come along with your bike and have a go at our SCRL roller racing event!

For those of you not in the know, roller racing is usually a mix of head to head competition between two riders or single effort time trials, all on rollers (on fixed wheel bikes) in the comfort and warmth of the indoors! If you aren’t too confident on rollers, fear not. When you race on rollers there are two “holders” per rider to keep you steady so you can really let rip!

Races are usually over a few short distances (no more than 1km). Both sets of rollers are connected to a giant “clock dial” behind them which tracks the distance, and which the crowd can see but the riders cannot! This all contributes to the yelling and heckling from the crowd which really makes the event come alive!

Top riders will get prizes of a cut from the entry fees (planned to be £2 each), so the more people that enter, the more you can win!

The league will provide some bikes in varying sizes with appropriate gearing, so you don’t need to bring your own (though you can if you want). Ditto the lycra, wear it if you want but it’s not compulsory.

The rollers are very kindly being provided by BEC CC (

Some of the SCRL regulars went to a BEC CC roller racing night before the start of the season this year, so to get a taste of whats involved check out the videos below.