AGM Roller Racing Update

The committee have formalised the rules we will be using for the roller challenge at the AGM.

Equipment and etiquette

  1. Bike will be provided [there will be frame sizes 49cm x 2, 52cm x 2, 56cm x 2, 58cm x 1].
  2. Gearing will be 48 x 15 for all bikes
  3. No cycle kit allowed to be worn by competitors.
  4. Bikes will be held on the rollers by two holders for each bike.
  5. It is riders responsibility to ride in an even manner to facilitate staying on the rollers.
  6. No restarts after the first 3 seconds from the start have elapsed.
  7. No mechanical assistance.
  8. No aerobars
  9. No helmets


  1. Entry fee £2 seniors [16 and over], £1 youth category  [under 16]
  2. Categories [all ages relate to the day of the competition] – under 16 boys, under 16 girls, under 40 Men, under 40 Women, 40 and over Men, 40 and over Women.
  3. Anyone who rode senior track leagues in 2019 cannot enter the youth event.
  4. Event distance will be 500 metres
  5. Two riders race simultaneously
  6. Riders times determine progression to the finals
  7. The finals will be based on numbers entering but will consist of at least a final where there are four (4) or more riders in the category.