Don’t pack away the track bike just yet….

It’s the AGM in a few weeks time, October 5th at 6pm sharp, (usual place: Knoyle Hall on Knoyle Road, Brighton). But this year we’re going to have some racing too…

Come along with your bike and have a go at our SCRL roller racing event!

For those of you not in the know, roller racing is usually a mix of head to head competition between two riders or single effort time trials, all on rollers (on fixed wheel bikes) in the comfort and warmth of the indoors! If you aren’t too confident on rollers, fear not. When you race on rollers there are two “holders” per rider to keep you steady so you can really let rip!

Races are usually over a few short distances (no more than 1km). Both sets of rollers are connected to a giant “clock dial” behind them which tracks the distance, and which the crowd can see but the riders cannot! This all contributes to the yelling and heckling from the crowd which really makes the event come alive!

Top riders will get prizes of a cut from the entry fees (planned to be £2 each), so the more people that enter, the more you can win!

The league will provide some bikes in varying sizes with appropriate gearing, so you don’t need to bring your own (though you can if you want). Ditto the lycra, wear it if you want but it’s not compulsory.

The rollers are very kindly being provided by BEC CC (

Some of the SCRL regulars went to a BEC CC roller racing night before the start of the season this year, so to get a taste of whats involved check out the videos below.