Can you help VC Jubilee out?

I know I’m always nagging for help with our events but this time I am after some volunteers to help VC Jubilee out at their cross race in Stanmer Park on the 1st September. When the date was set I was a little concerned that it may just be a bit to early given school holidays would still in full swing but the following week wasn’t available. Turns out my fears about the holidays was correct, everyone seems to be away.

As the race organiser I am beginning to tear my hair out which isn’t a pretty site so I thought I would turn to the wider cycling community – you lot. If you happen to be free that day and would like to help I would be eternally grateful, I might even refrain from nagging you next track season (I said “might” so it’s not a promise). I have set up an online signup form for volunteers at or you can just email me at Oh and did I mention free refreshments for all who help.

Thanks in advance