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Volunteers, returning numbers and how to move or refund an entry.


Could still use a couple more volunteers for marshalling this week. Please add your name to the spreadsheet here.


If you are not intending to race after this week please remember to hand in your numbers at the end of the night.

Those of you already done for the season, please email for a return postal address.

Any numbers not returned have to be replaced and this is an extra cost the league could do without.

Move or refund an entry

All entries from last week have now been moved to week #17. If you can’t make it this week and/or next week, here is a quick guide on how to either move them to the “holding event” or refund the entry.

  • Log in to Rider HQ
  • Go to¬†
  • Scroll down to find the entry
  • Click View Details
  • Click on the “Action” menu
  • Click on either “Move….” or “Refund/Cancel”