League News

Next Week: Marymoor Crawl

As its the last meet of the season the last race will be a marymoor crawl. This will be for fun and a few token prizes, no league points involved.

For those who don’t know, the Marymoor Crawl is what some people may know as a “slow race”.

Riders will form up on the track, at a predetermined point, (usually around 100 metres-ish) from the finish line. When the start whistle blows, riders may not:

  • Leave the track
  • Put a foot down
  • Lean on the fence, another rider, or anything else
  • Cross the finish line
  • Go backwards

At some point after two minutes, the bell will ring, and it is then a straight one lap dash all the way around for the finish line. Prizes usually only for first spot but its always worth sprinting for pride 😉

Get some track-standing practice in!


Some people have mentioned that they would like to try judging but are too worried about getting it wrong. This is generally unfounded as we never rely on just one person and you would get a few weeks with other judges to get used to it.

So with that in mind, as the Marymoor Crawl does not involve any league points its the ideal race to try it out.

Have a word with the judges at some point in the evening to arrange.

Post Season Drinks

The plan is to pop down the Crown and Anchor at the bottom of the road by the Traffic Lights for a couple of drinks after the racing finishes. Come one come all! (if it is rained off with the small threat of rain that is there at the moment perhaps we will start early!)

AGM and Roller Racing

We are in the process of organising our end of year AGM where trophies and medals can be picked up. Keep an eye on our usual channels for information.

We intend to break out our league rollers for a short roller racing session too. This will be a short “taster” ahead of a planned roller racing evening once a month “out of season”. More info will follow.


Don’t forget to give back your number at the end! Numbers cost money!