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Weather Watch

Well it certainly was well timed. We’ll be keeping an eye on the weather tomorrow. Right now it’s slightly more in favour of it raining up until about 4pm. Even at 20 degrees, that’s still a bit iffy as to how much the track will dry, so we’ll keep you posted throughout the day and endeavour to give a definitive answer by 5pm. But even then nothing will happen unless we get some …..


Spreadsheet is empty at the moment. Click here to add your name. Also Dave is away, so anyone who could cover sign on is welcome to take it up. Otherwise you’ll have to fend for yourselves and anyone who needs to enter on the day may have to wait until the end of the evening when I’m free to take the payment.

Post Season Drinks

Don’t forget post season drinks are at the King and Queen at the bottom of the road after the racing (if there is any). If we have to cancel, I will pop a post on our racers forum on Facebook where people can flag if they are still up for coming down.

Race Numbers

Don’t forget to give back your number this week after we finish please. All league members will receive an email shortly giving them options for returning outside of a Wednesday evening.