Race Day Staff Required

Summary: There will be NO Summer Circuit Series if people do not volunteer to run them and the races will not be registered with BC until we do.

The league need more folk on race day to take over duties from the same people always filling the roles.

Currently, there will be no Summer Circuit Series if we don’t get some volunteers for the two primary race day roles.

Below are the roles we need to fill and roughly what they entail. These are roles which have been advertised before with no response so it has now come to this situation.

These are all on the day roles and should not require any extra commitment outside of that. All back-office “paperwork” can currently be taken care of by committee members.

Anyone volunteering to fill these positions will have at least one “hand holding” race meeting with the experienced committee members present before being expected to perform the duty alone. No previous experience is necessary.

If you would like to contribute to the running of SCRL, please send us an email to or


This is essentially the promoter “on the day”. It allows a promoter to pass on the running of the event on the day to another person. This person must be a BC member and have done the event organiser dashboard training. This is a course which can be delivered online at a convenient time, probably a weekday evening, over Zoom or similar video conferencing. It takes about 90 minutes.

The basic duties are:

  • Print and bring any paperwork required as provided by the promoter the day prior.
  • Perform a preliminary track walk to check the condition and safety of the track. Organise cleaning if necessary.
  • Clear the arena of the general public and lock the gates.
  • Make sure all marshal points necessary by the risk assessment are manned and all other volunteers are present (sign on, judges etc.).
  • Liaise between the other event personnel (i.e. sign on, judges, commissaire(s)) and ensure everyone is looked after.
  • Collect all results and forward to promoter.
  • Sign off event paperwork (usually just levies).

Sign On

The basic responsibilities of this role are:

  • Print the sign-on sheets and any other paperwork provided by the committee the day prior.
  • Verify licence details at sign on
  • Take card payments using the provided card reader for on the day entries
  • Manage a waiting list, if there is one
  • Give out and collect race numbers