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Summer Circuits #4

Entries are looking very thin right now and we are lacking not just marshals but also people for sign-on and judging.

Events have a minimum financial feasibility and if we don’t think we can cover costs we simply won’t run it. If everybody waited until the last minute to enter, there would (will?) never be any events.

On top of that, the same volunteers cannot dedicate time to this every single race, and none of the usual people are available for judging or sign-on. It is generally preferable for people to do these roles for the whole race evening, but we have made three slots available for each role (1 per race) to enable this if needs be. Ideally you would have a bit of racing knowledge to be familiar with categories and licences, lapping and placing etc. but it isn’t necessary as full training will be given.

Entries close at 7pm Wednesday and we will take a view then as to whether it is worth running or not.

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