Circuits Racing Volunteers

Summer Series nearly open!

The events are registered with BC (pending sign-off) and event entry will be open as soon as they are. We kick off on Friday May 26th.

The races cover a mix of 2/3/4 categories each week including women only races and all races open to juniors. All races are Regional C+/points band 5.

There are six races in the series, occurring every other Friday. You can view the full calendar here and you can enter here.

We need to fill all the volunteer roles each week, otherwise : no racing.

All volunteer sign-up links can be found on this page here.

Primary roles need to be for the whole evening. Marshal positions are per race. Marshalling sign up will be available each week but all primary role sign up sheets are available now as we need to see these filling up, or we have to cancel the event.