Friday 12/07 Racing: Volunteers

Once again we find ourselves short of volunteers for the Friday circuit races.

We are most short on cover for the 2/3 races. Those volunteers who are racers are all 2/3 racers, leaving us very short of cover for their race.

It would seem that if 2/3 racers are getting there earlier to support the 4th cat and womens races it would be nice to have a reciprocal favour of providing them with cover for their race also.

The table below shows the current positions.

Commissaire Mike Leonard
Roving Marshal 1 Stuart Bettis
Roving Marshal 2Richard Moult [not 2/3]
Gate MarshalTobias Bunyan [not 2/3]
Judge 1 Ben Gerrey
Judge 2 Chris Hough
Ipad Operator 
Sign OnDave Gerrey
Gear Checker (1st hr)
First Aider*Alex Beyfus [not 2/3]

*First Aider can combine with Marshalling [if qualified]. This is the minimum needed for being allowed to run our events. 

So please, contact or drop a message on Facebook or Twitter (links below in the email or on the right hand side of the web page) and let us know if you can help.

SCRL Committee

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