Racing Track League

It’s Ladies Night!

Next week sees the first of our Ladies Night racing nights, featuring individual Women’s races all through the evening.

Not only that, but the first women only race, the scratch, will be a Regional C+ race meaning that all riders are eligible for licence points! You need ten riders to get maximum points so it’s time to cajole your fellow racers into entering!


All senior female league riders of any senior category, and any youth already riding up in senior categories can ride in the women only races.


The remaining categories will be merged on the night to make room in the schedule, most likely by merging A and B groups, but it may depend on numbers in each category on the night.

All points scored in the Women only races will count towards your registered league category totals (so if you are registered as a Senior C racer, your points will be added to your Senior C total).

A/B or B/C races are treated as one race, points are awarded for top six finishers in the race only regardless of category.

No special entry required, just enter on RiderHQ in your usual category as normal.


Week #3 – May 3rd!