Track League Week #9

First things first …

Volunteers. There are a couple of spots still to fill, as well as needing backup names, so as usual please go fill in the volunteer spreadsheet here and/or email

The Racing …

With the promise of some really nice weather, I’m sure we are all looking forward to week #9 and Week E in our schedule, taking us to our halfway point through the season.

It’s been a difficult start what with the weather having been so poor, and so many almost-but-not-quite evenings where the track was left just that little bit too damp to race, but we should finally be able to get into the swing of things.

So week #9 is on the way, and careful gear selection will be important as it see’s the first time we are trialling longer endurance races for the senior categories.

With 12 laps for the C’s, a 10K (18 laps) race for the B’s and a whopping 10 miles (that’s 27 laps) for the A’s we will see if the usual pecking order is shaken up by the demands of a longer stint in the saddle.

So wait no longer, get your entry in here before it’s too late!