Circuits #3: Volunteers and OTD Entries

Volunteers Required

We still need to fill a couple of spots for tomorrow otherwise proceeding may be difficult.

  • Sign On (only up until about 8pm)
  • Gear Checking (only up until about 8pm)
  • iPad operator (until the last race is over).
  • Backups (yes, sometimes people get stuck on trains etc. so if one or two people can be there “just in case” that’s always good)

Volunteers can be given some advice on these roles on the day, none of them is “too” complicated, or they could potentially even swap with someone else if you feel it is too much for them.

Remember it can be done by anyone, bring a friend, Mum, Dad etc.

Please add your name to the spreadsheet here, or email

Spaces available

There are two spaces left in the mixed category 4 race. On the day entry is £18, card payments only.

There are twelve spaces left in the Womens Category 2/3/4 race. On the day entry is £15, card payments only.

There are now six spaces left in the 2/3. Five of these are first-refusal to the (now closed) online waiting list riders. On the day entry is £18, card payment only.

If you wish to turn up and enter/register on the wait list on-the-day then please do so. We cannot guarantee you will get a ride however.

Sign-on opens one hour before each race time and closes ten minutes before. Any “no shows” are then given to the wait list, in first-come-first-served order.

As a reminder the race times are:

  • Mixed Category 4 (40 minutes) : 18:10
  • Womens Category 2/3/4 (40 minutes) : 19:00
  • Mixed 2/3 (50 minutes) : 19:50