2021 Wednesday Track League

Entry is via Rider HQ. Go here to enter.

All races at Preston Park Velodrome.

Track opens at 6:00PM. Racing starts 6:45PM.

Schedule may be altered due to time constraints. Weather may affect the event, please follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts for the most up to date information.

Please familiarise yourself with our covid guidelines.

Week 114 April19:54Commissaire Special 1Results
Week 221 April20:05Commissaire Special 2Results
Week 328 April20:17Week AResults
Week 405 May20:28Week BResults
Week 512 May20:39Scratch ChampsResults
Week 619 May20:49Week CSprint HeatsResults
Week 726 May20:58Week DResults
Week 802 June21:06Points ChampsResults
Week 99 June21:12Week E – Endurance WeekResults
Week 1016 June21:16Week FResults
Week 1123 June21:18Sprint ChampsResults
Week 1230June21:17Week G – Endurance WeekResults
Week 1307 July21:14Week AResults
Week 1414 July21:08Devil ChampsResults
Week 1521 July21:01Week BResults
Week 1628 July20:51Week CResults
Week 1704 August20:40Comms Special 1
Pursuit Heats & Finals
Week 1811 August20:28
Commissaire Special 2Results

Commissaires Special 1

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Commissaires Special 2

[table id=2019_WED_COMS2 /]

Week A

[table id=2019_WED_WKA /]

Week B

[table id=2019_WED_WKB /]

Week C

[table id=2019_WED_WKC /]

Week D

[table id=2019_WED_WKD /]

Week E

[table id=2019_WED_WKE /]

Week F

[table id=2019_WED_WKF /]

Week G

[table id=2019_WED_WKG]

Scratch Championships

[table id=2019_WED_SCR /]

Points Championships

[table id=2019_WED_POI /]

Sprint Championships

[table id=2019_WED_SPR /]

Devil Championships

[table id=2019_WED_DEV /]

Pursuit Championships

[table id=2019_WED_PUR /]

Week #6 Sprint Heats

14Dylan Hicks
117Alex Harvey
158Luke Goodwill
142Murray Turner
159Lucas Houghton
192Lane Cox
219Isaac Wright
212Gabriel Parle
26Luc Best
250Louis Boulton
244Tobias Bunyan
288Peter Levenspiel
310Charlie Heffernan
316Jacob James
326Elliot Barratt
349Dan Harlott
355David Barnard
391William Davis
47Adam Gent
42Mark Day
414Edward Raynard
446Matt O’Brien
443Alfred Bunyan
457Philip Bennett

Week 17 Pursuit Heats

41Ian Baynes11
2Mark Day13
19Isaac Wright14
96Peter Baker21
10Charlie Heffernan23
7Adam Gent24
26George Sloan31
9Jack Smith33
48Nigel Burrows34