Track League Covid Guidance

The following guidance is for the running of cycling events under the most severe restrictions. If restriction levels are relaxed by British Cycling you will be advised accordingly. Please prepare for your race as if the most severe guidance is in effect.

Race Entry

  • Entry will be online only via Rider HQ.
  • Entries will close at 6pm on a Tuesday.
  • There will be NO late or on the day entries.

Before leaving for the venue

  • Make sure you are happy that you are not displaying any symptoms which could be COVID related
  • Make sure you bring your own supply of sanitation equipment, hand wash/wipes, gloves and face coverings.
  • Familiarise yourself with current British Cycling COVID guidance.
  • Familiarise yourself with the advice in the current version of “The Way forward” document, available here.

Arriving at the venue

  • Adult riders should not bring any non-riders to the sign-on or warm up areas of the venue.
  • Youth riders may bring one helper who should also adhere to all of the guidance/rules.
  • Please do not bring any spectators with you. If it is unavoidable, please ask them to watch from the north east corner seating area (the walled area by the main velodrome entrance) respecting the social distancing guidance in effect at the time.

Upon Arrival

  • Please sign in with the test and trace app using one of the QR codes provided at the venue.
  • Please proceed to the grassed area inside the track as usual.
  • Please do not set up near the judging area or the marked entrance to the track.
  • You will not need to sign on for racing at the event. A manual “attendance register” will be checked against the start list. You do not need to “report” anywhere, we will find you.
  • On the first week, numbers will be laid out in a distanced manner on the grass. You will have been notified of your race number beforehand and can simply pick it up.

As the grass area is so large, we will not be introducing spacing pens. We have decided to leave it up to individuals to maintain their safe 2 metre distancing in the grass area. As a rough idea you should have AT LEAST enough space for an average adult to stand between spots and stretch out both arms (and then probably a bit more).

  • Remember to keep this distance at all times when not racing.
  • Remember that there are time limits for bunch racing which rely on riders NOT being within 2 metres of each other outside of a race.
  • If this is not adhered to, some later races in the evening may be cancelled.

Please adhere to the 2 metre rule at all times, if for nothing else the good image of the league and our sport. There are many members of the public passing through the velodrome area and we would not like to give cause for concern. We would also ask that members from the same household i.e. siblings, still keep a two metre distance in the velodrome for the sake of the impression to the public.

Not to over-dramatise but running the league, indeed all sanctioned racing, depends on adhering to these rules. If we do not, it puts the rest of the season in jeopardy.


  • Please wear a face mask or covering whenever you leave your allocated warm up zone (except for racing).
  • We are lucky in that our track is very large and well spaced out. If you need to use the track to warm up, then do so but do not ride round the circuit with other riders. This would count towards your maximum exposure time and may result in less races being run.
  • Please minimize track time and use rollers or a turbo trainer where possible.
  • Please DO NOT start to congregate around the entrance to the velodrome/edge of the track when start time is approaching. Wait until you are called.
  • Please DO NOT congregate together between races.
  • In limited time racing (under covid regulations) congregating together counts towards mandated maximum race time. If riders congregate ahead of time your race may be shortened or even pulled altogether.
  • Please DO NOT share any equipment, drinks bottles etc with other riders.


  • After a race finishes please leave the track and return to your warm up spot as usual.
  • Take race numbers home as usual.
  • Please collect any equipment and leave the venue as soon as possible.




Full results will be posted on the website as soon as possible.