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Racing & Accreditation

Winter Series #2

The entries are starting to build up, but where are all the women racers? If it looks like there will be no entries at all we may cancel that race and replace it with something else to make use of the track time.

Volunteers are good for race #1 but races #2 and #3 are still missing volunteers, so please sign up here to make sure the day goes ahead.

If you don’t already, you might be interested in racing our track league through the summer every Wednesday evening. If you have UKVA accreditation, it would be great to see you at our weekly league this year. If you are not UKVA accredited, read on …

Track Accreditation

We have arranged two track accreditation sessions to run on Sundays March 5th and 12th, right after the races finish. These will cover both parts 1 and 2 of the accreditation at once so that there is no need to arrange a second session (note that this is NOT UKVA accreditation, read more about that here).

Accreditation is for senior riders. Youth members of PPYCC and VCJ will be accredited at their regular Saturday morning sessions. If you are (or are a parent of) a youth rider not a member of these clubs, please contact us for suitable options.

Entry is available here.

We will also require volunteers to marshal the track, just the same as racing. Please sign up here or get a friend to. No experience is necessary.

These sessions will also be open to already accredited racers (seniors and youth A/B only) to get some track time and to help out. There is no charge for these riders, just turn up.