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Winter Circuits #1

Provisional Results Online

Well that’s the first one done and dusted, we are away! Thanks once again to ALL the volunteers who helped out to do their bit and keep the racing alive.

Provisional results are available against the event on the BC website here.

The sun shone on us for a great mornings racing but I’m afraid I managed to not get any pictures, but here’s a still from the finish line video of TAAP Endura rider Jamie Pullen throwing it across the line just in front of PP One Resourcing RT’s Paul Barnard from the 2/3 race.

If you have any pictures of this or the other races to share do please put them on our Facebook open group SCRL Racers Forum.

We are still a bit light on marshal volunteers for week #2, so please put your name down at this link. Which leads us on to some more serious news on the volunteer front.

Become a British Cycling official & volunteer

As well as the local volunteers we always need, we also need British Cycling officials to run BC sanctioned races.

With the usual levels of retirements and relocation over the past few years but with the addition of COVID preventing racing and thus, being able to train new officials, the South East is now VERY short on the volunteers required to act in an official capacity (i.e. commissaires). Whilst being a circuit race on an extremely small circuit reduces our need somewhat (we essentially only need commissaires) some of our winter series races are in doubt due to the lack of qualified officials.

Other events, such as road races, face a similar issue across the board in race officials, AMS volunteers (which are becoming more of a requirement to get police clearance for road races), convoy drivers, motorcycle marshals etc.

So it has never been more important for the racing community to come together to do their bit if we want to keep road and circuit racing alive.

Please have a read of the British Cycling “workforce” page here and consider any roles you might be able to fill.

The list of courses currently open and their locations are here.

If you have a number of people willing to take on a particular role, perhaps from your club, you might be able to get BC to arrange extra courses to run. Each section in the list of courses above has links for the appropriate people at British Cycling to contact.