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Hi everyone. A bit of news about the winter circuits but first ….

The volunteer list is still entirely empty.

If there is no-one to marshal and fulfil the required roles: no race.

So get your name in a slot for outside of your intended race time, or persuade a friend or family member that you are bringing with you to fill a role. Click this link to go to the volunteer page and just follow the instructions. Or if you can’t figure it out, email

The six marshal positions can be filled by anyone. If you’d like practice to fill a judging role on a regular basis, please sign up and we can arrange for an experienced hand or two to show you the ropes. Likewise sign on/gear checker. If all roles are filled (which would be nice!) do please add a name in the backup person slots, as its not unusual for someone to have to not show at the last minute.

Remember that SCRL is not a commercial organisation making money for personal profit, nor is it a “club” with members to call on for raising funds. all profits from the racing go back into the league and the track to KEEP SUSSEX RACING!

OK, so to the races

We are mostly set and ready, but are still waiting official final sign-off from BC.

You can go to the series entry page on RiderHQ at this link.

Once we have opened the entry there will be a website post and social media posts, so sign up to the website notifications and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

The rest of the races are all set to open at 9am on the Monday following the previous race.

Keep ’em peeled!